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[NW_1] Map rotation questions/suggestion.

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I'm not sure how to start this off so I'll just be blunt about it, NW_1 map rotation kinda blows now.

Off the top of my head, Ardennes and Spanish mountain pass are noticeably absent, as well as most of the new submitted maps (which were awesome).

It feels a bit like we were trolled, losing 2/3rds of battle maps and keeping the likes of Arabian Harbour, (at night no less where many ppl cant see **** on high settings/directx9) and those frame rate killing alley maps. Also it seems admins aren't generally allowed (or willing) to change maps for us anymore :sad:

I'm all for voting being disabled, we all know how horrible it was.. but it would be nice to have all the maps in rotation if we cant vote for them anymore.. I mean, why not? is there some technical reason we cant have them?

Even a random map added to rotation would be great, but -ideally- It would be good to have all the maps, including a random of each type thrown into the mix.

As it stands right now map rotations getting pretty stale :/.

(wrote a better version of this but i was logged out by the time i finished and lost it ^^. pls move if this is in the wrong spot)
The rotation is based upon the server. They can't really change that. They revoked the ability for admins to change maps because of the obvious annoyance of people asking for a map change.

It's not gonna change, just play other servers if you don't like the map
Sadly NW_1 is the only regularly populated server i can play without high ping.

I'm curious why it couldn't be changed server side? we've had different rotations in the past, with the additional maps included.

The rotation can be changed.  as to maps that you believe should be in teh server.  Quite a few of the maps that were removed were because they were disliked my almost everyone or the maps were just unfit for the number of people in the server. 

Ardenns and borodino for example were big maps.  Now Us1 has 100-120 people on average on a given day during peak hours.  During non peak hours you can go from 30-60.  Now imagine playing a massive map like borodino and sitting around waiting for the round to end for 8 min or so.  After a few rounds of that point and people begin to leave out of boredom and the server dies.  Also take into account the people on US1.  Most of the people on their can't melee and wont if they can help it. They would rather camp some corner of the map and wait for the other team to run across the map then shoot it out.  and you always have your few trolls who love to go off out in the middle of nowhere just to delay.

I also found most of the maps in the contest to be massive maps and were more or less made for LBs.  and the flow of a few of the maps like Russian river or venice is pretty bad making those maps drag out longer and then proceeding to kill the server.  and random maps are not always the best.  Go to any LB and you can see why.  There will be new maps in the rotation after the patch comes out if I remember correctly so this issue may be solved.

Now this is just my opinion being based off my experience after a year of play in US1.

If you know of any maps that would fit the server well, i would say post them here, make a thread on FSE if you havent already, or possibly PM Deo.
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