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Thread is undergoing changes to suit the change of genre, so please not the current information on this post is out of date


A brand new mini mod built upon the amazing Persistant World V4.4 Module System based in a fantasy world. Brought to you by Uhtred & N0body.
Requires Napoleonic Wars!​
Progress ReportRelated Sites / PagesDownloads [Released]The TeamCredits
Check the Progress report section of the page!
Other Sites:
Our Moddb Page:
Our Steam Page:
FSE Forums thread:

Contact Details:
We're often on the RCC teamspeak, so if anyone has any questions you may find us there:
You can also find us on taleworlds, under the names 'N0body' and 'Bobthe8th'.
New Versions (v1.2)
PW-Nexus (Full Download):

Moddb (Full Download):

If you've already installed a previous version of the module, make sure the module folder is named correctly (Novum_Mundus_Alpha_v1.2), otherwise you will not be able to see or join the server. The installer will try to install into your 1.0 folder if you have previously installed the mod; please make sure the destination directory is 1.2
Head Development:
N0body (Scripting and other bits and bobs)
Uhtred (Modelling and other bits and bobs)

Animating, Modelling &/or Texturing:
Akak95 (Aka Stalker)

Matt (mattftw)

Pre-Alpha Testers:
Brother of Blades
Desert Thunda
Lions of Bavaria
Oscar XI Hederlööf
Mr T
Resources used (Or may be used):

We apologise if anyone is missing from the list of credits; if you are missing, please PM either me or Uhtred, and we'll get round to adding you to the credits. Alternatively, if content is contained within Novum Mundus which should not, please feel free to send us a PM or post on the thread; we'll get to removing it as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience!

Big Thanks to...
Vornne (For Persistent World V4.4)
The Napoleonic Wars team for their fantastic expansion pack.
Taleworlds Entertainment (For bringing us Warband)
Paradox (For publishing the game)



The first section contains all current features (or partial) while the second section contains all planned or non-functioning partial features.

  • A Persistent World Mini-mod, built on Vornne's brilliant Persistent World.
  • Roleplay who you want to be in this dangerous world, choosing which class you want to play as from a large diversity of available classes. We won't tell you how to or how not to play on this mod.
  • A wide variety of trades and specializations; choose to work as a miner, working at the local quarries or mines, or get a job as a chef, and produce food for both the rich and the poor, or maybe choose another profession, from a wide range of functional unique classes.
  • A wide variety of custom items & trade goods, exclusive to this mod, courtesy of Uhtred, the co-developer of Novum Mundus. All of these items will be craftable by one class or another through in-depth but not overly complicated methods (There will be some complicated routes players may take, but they will be very rewarding).
  • A wide diversity of weapons and equipment, sourced from a number of existing modifications and/or OSP packs such as the Last days and Napoleonic Wars.
  • In depth character creation, integrating Napoleonic Wars character customization with character enhancements including facepaints and other skins, allowing to create the character you want to be. Want to be an Orc? Fully possible. A human? Why do you need ask?
  • Player Housing; players can purchase houses for large quantities of ingame gold with high upkeeps, only for those with factions or guilds. The player housing can have shared ownership, thus suitable for clans and guilds. Houses can be upgraded with increased storage, furniture and room. (Recently integrated into the serverside, but has yet to be added to any maps. Should be present in some of the new maps coming out before the end of march)
  • Light Fantasy; Orcs are present, as are a number of made up factions, races and cultures, all with realistic backgrounds and a rich lore.
Planned or Partial non-working features:
  • Expanded faction interactions; establish virtual trade agreements, trade castles, establish alliances and subjugate major factions (Such as the Varlithinians, Orcs and Humans).
  • Persistent integrated gameplay; move from one server to another whilst retaining your items and contents of carts, allowing you to shift trade goods from one map to another. (Partially working, will be integrated into our servers by the end of march!)
  • Persistent stocks and chest inventories; restarting will no longer reset the stocks on a map. (Like the above point, should be present and integrated into our servers by the end of march!)
  • A balanced and working economy, built around the persistent banking system, influenced by what players buy and sell.
  • Persistent factions; once a faction has been established it will continue to exist until it has been destroyed, regardless of restarts.
  • Cannons & ships with cannons. Naval warfare for the masses! Small ships with cannons will be on most maps, though frigates will likely be restricted to naval / naval warfare maps (due to their poly count).
  • Everyone will have the ability to host unofficial servers; they will lack the the online persistent integrated gameplay features mentioned in the above point (This is for multiple reasons including prevention of cheating).

What is Novum Mundus about? (More In-depth features):

Novum Mundus is set in a rich fantasy world with a variety of cultures and races; you, the player, will be introduced into this world and handed the reigns for your destiny as you choose it. Will you choose to fight for your own, or serve others? Will you stay out of the conflict, and try to exist in peace or will you take up arms as an outlaw and fight for your survival? It is up to you.

The factions are as follows:

The Empire of Antoria; The Antorian Empire (Humans)
Warriors of Heftan Tyran, Dissidents of Antorian (Humans)
The Vorgestian Confederation (Orcs & Humans)
Nomadic Peoples of Tarkai (Orcs, Varlathinians & Primarily Humans)
Remnants of Eria (Varlathinians)

The Rangfar Cult (Varlathinians & Their Disciples)

In brackets the primary race for each faction is listed; they aren't exclusively each race, but whichever race/s are listed are the dominant ones.  Varlathinians are known as Elves (though despite all tales, they lack the pointed ears of those in fantasy, and are similar to man in just about every way other than life span) and Orcs are a grey-green skinned tribal people.

- None of the above factions can be completely destroyed, only weakened and subjugated.

You, as a player, may join any of these factions, or choose to stay independent of them. Doing so comes at risks, but does mean avoiding potentially constant war. You may also band together with your friends and take a castle for yourselves and establish your own semi-persistent faction, though losing all of your land, no matter how little or how much, will result in the 'permanent destruction' of the faction (you will have to recreate it, if you wish to continue with the same name, or if you wish to, create an entirely new faction. You may call it whatever you please (using vanilla PW faction mechanics).

  • Set in the 'New World', known as Eden in the Year 683 a.l.
  • Varlathinians, Humans and Orcss have always lived on this continent, though 683 years ago a new group of humans arrived en masse, using advanced technologies and waged war with some of the locals. The following years were marked as 'a.l.' being 'After landing'.
  • You, the player, are nothing but a worthless peasant. But you don't have to stay one. As you play, you can build up a fortune and choose who you want to be.

Progress Reports / Changelogs:

Ongoing Changelog

Changelog (Alpha 1.3):
- Added Halberds and poleaxes to the mod.
- Fixed the 'brown_buckler_2', 'imperial_reinforced_wooden_shield' and imperial_ornate_shield' buy props; they now use the correct model.
- Fixed the lod meshes for the wheat props from NW (they no longer glow white at a distance).


Changelog so far for Alpha v1.2:
Changelog (Alpha v1.2):
- Increased the damage of Varlithinian bows making them more effective against higher armour values and further effective against unarmoured players.
- Muskets melee modes also do less overhead damage and slightly less thrusting damage (was instant kill on overhead nine times out of ten).
- Fixed the steel bucklers scene props; they sold the wrong items, including a broken item.
- Fixed the berets for the heathlander armour/s, they now use the correct collision mesh allowing players to buy them.
- Fixed the heathlander berets so they now use the correct models.
- Most of the items that were previously imports now require crafting, using either linen for clothing, linen for shoes and leather pieces (x2) for boots. For hats, the basketweave hats use wheat while all of the felt hats use linen.
- Tweaked Apple Trees to function similar to grape vines (they need to be pruned, then apples begin to spawn on the tree).
- Revised animations further (Breathing and a new polearm animation, plus a few other changes).
- Fixed the glowing shaders for the rock items and masonry.
- Fixed the shaders for a number of firearms.
- Added a number of new ambient sound effects to enhance maps. The ambient sound effects also now play in a local area rather than globally accross the entire map.
- Fixed one of the warg buy props; it spanwed the wrong warg.
- Fixed the Sea Captain Uniform & hat.
- Fixed the gold bug.
- Trim-down and resorting of all used assests. Removed unused materials and textures in some brfs (should improve load time and possibly performance).
- Fixed the indian head error (removed the asset, which related to a missing texture).
- Replaced the woodcutters' axe and hatchet models with new models; the length of both is now shorter than previously, but they are now slightly faster.
- Added wooden bowl item.
-- The wooden bowl is crafted at a wood processing table by using a wood board on it.
- Added the ability to make apple pies, cabbage soups, meant stews and mushroom strews.
-- Apple pie is crafted the same way as a meat pie, but uses two apples instead of a single meat item.
-- A mushroom stew is crafted by using a bowl on a cooking prop with two mushrooms on your person. Mushroom strew is between an apple pie and a meat pie in hunger fufillment.
-- A meat stew is crafted by using a bowl on a cooking prop with a single meat on your person. Meat stew is between a mushroom stew and a meat pie in hunger fufillment.
-- A cabbage soup is crafted by using a bowl on a cooking prop with two cabbages on your person. Cabbage soup is less effective than an apple pie in hunger fufillment.
- Added a wildberry bush which can be harvested by anyone, giving berries as a food item. Doesn't full too much hunger, but can help keep someone starving alive (in prep for the hunger system).
- Added an orange item (with a basic custom model and texture) and orange tree (functions the same as an apple tree); the orange current has no use other than a basic food item.
- Added various bushes and hedges from NW to NM & grabbed a few extra scene props.
- Added rule books and scene props to buy them from (no crafting or stockpile) for the RCC, UOG & Nexus server.

Changelog (Alpha 1.1):

Changelog (Alpha 1.1)
- Bows and the Blunderbuss now do more damage against unarmoured opponents, but deal less damage against unarmoured opponents due to a change of damage type (Piercing -> Cutting).
- Models for the stone resources and masonry resource using pre-existing textures; integrated crafting of masonry by a stone mason at a stone carving table, requiring a chisel.
- Added a chisel model for the chisel.
- Added steel bar models; shiner than iron and tinted blue (slightly).
- Added scene props for Copper, Tin & Bronze stockpiles with unique meshes. Steel stockpiles now also have a unique mesh.
- Fixed steel, copper, tin and bronze at the forge and anvil. They can now all be split into smaller bars, or combined (at the forge) into larger bars.
- Removed the black dress item; was causing crashing due to the model having been removed previously, though the item itself was not.
- Rebalanced the new ores to have better prices. They can now be sold for real profit over other metals.
- Given the new metals ore meshes; Copper uses the gold ore model and Tin silver.
- Fixed a number of helmets not covering the head mesh or morphing in a strange way. Full helmets now cover the head, so skin can no longer be seen clipping through the helmet meshes.
- Rebalanced a number of arrows; many of the new arrows had not been balanced, and now have been.
- Boosted the accuracy of the concealable pistol by a wee bit. It may have low damage and a slow reload, but it is now accurate enough to use effectively in close quarters.
- Increased the armour value / resistance value of the heathlander bucklers / targes so they aren't broken so quickly and may resist blunderbuss pellets.
- Increased the hitpoints of the steel bucklers to increase their effectiveness in combat. They were breaking far too quickly, especially for their price.
- Balanced Varlathinian (Elven) shields, so the shields now have different stats rather than being a number of shields that look different but play the same as each other.
- Balanced the Imperial shields; they all had poor stats and were duplicates of each other (excluding models). They now have a price variation and stat variation.
- Fixed the Orcish Heavy Axe so it no longer has a massive ghost reach. It is now as short as it looks.
- Buffed the Orcish Club (Blunt) by 1 blunt damage.
- Edited the magic projectiles so they no longer have a visible arrow model when being drawn. Currently a debug item for the future.
- Edited the admin blunderbuss, increasing it's damage drastically and given it magic projectiles. This means it is much more obvious when the weapon is being used.
- Added a custom sign prop for a tavern in the new map. Uses a custom texture sheet, which in the future will serve as a custom tavern sign sheet.
- Added a code prop or two for serverside scripting. Current not used, but will in the future.
- Some new animations, created by Stalker / Akak95
- Added 7 new shield scene props (Imperial), so the imperial shields can now be placed on maps.
- Fixed the meshes for the steel buckler scene props; was incorrect and/or missing.
- Added a coal stockpile
- Low poly lod meshes for trees
- Renamed 'Wheat Sack' to 'Sack of Seeds' due to the item being used universally for all crops (cabbages and marrows).
- Removed broken scene props and items (missing meshes due to the meshes and textures having been removed previously).
- Heathlander Helmets now require Linen to craft and Orc helmets an Iron bar.
- Fixed Elven Masterwork bow model scene prop.
- Other small changes


From 4pm BST/GMT+1 (London Time)

Alpha testing was done to demonstrate basic features and balancing. Few bugs were found and fixed, and overall everyone enjoyed playing the mod. Big thanks to all the testers that participated; the names of all the testers will be included in the credits under 'Testers'. You will also get priority of getting in the next alpha/beta tests.

All the users were able to install the mod succesfully without issues, though tweaks had to made to the font ingame due to it being too difficult to read. We are now using a much more readable font now.

Screenshots from the alpha test may be found in the media section or throughout the FSE & Taleworlds threads.


Development is back full speed ahead; development came down to being quite slow due to Uhtred being on holiday over a number of weeks over the summer. A teaser showing off some of the new tavern props he has made has been posted on page 7.

We have also recently added a number of new classes with their own skills, and seperated some functions existing in default Persistent World to use these new skills. The classes will be demonstrated in a few weeks, showing off what makes them unique and some of the special features & trades (ways of making money) associated with them.

The spoiler below demonstrates some of the new items, including Gordon's Finest Dry London Gin, one of our new trade goods. The image was taken by Uhtred in DX7, so it won't look too great. But when I get a chance I'll grab a screenshot or two of the items in DX9.


FAQ. (Answers to questions that have either been frequently posted, PM'd or steam'd):

Q. When will this mod be released?
A. When it is finished. We wish to release the first version as an official 'Full Version', meaning no alpha or beta versions will be released publically. We will do Alpha and Beta tests beforehand though, but they will all be closed. We are aiming for a Christmas 2013 release.

Q. Can I take part in the alpha/beta testing?
A. Maybe. When we open up for mod for alpha/beta testing, we'll have a sign-up that anyone may apply for. It doesn't mean you'll be accepted, but generally we accept everyone who applies; usually we need more than a handful of people to take part in any testing.

Q. This mod is just a compiliation, isn't it? Why should we care about something so basic?
A. It isn't exactly a compiliation; the mod contains custom content created by members of our team, such as Uhtred. In the media section you can see an image of a tavern scene, showing off a number of new tavern-related props (Beer bottles etc.), all made by Uhtred. We also have more than enough custom content scripted by our team too, to help enhance gameplay and to achieve some of our targets. So yes, we do use alot of OSP material and content from other mods (with permission), but we also have a few sprinkles of our own magic.


The following screenshots are more up to date, showing off some of our later stuff & some of our own, custom assets:












Some Images from the alpha testing; these images came from very early on in development and do not reflect the final release of the mod. Assets may also be in these screenshots that have since been removed due to failure to obtain permission to use these assets.









Some early shots showing off the character creation:




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I have seen this for real, and those images do not do this justice in any way shape or form.

It is like a different game, I'm biased but it does look awesome and the concept is pretty damn good too.


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hirovard said:
hopefully it will be better than current PW

It's not a matter of it being better, or worse. It's just a different flavour. So you may, or may not like it more than Vanilla PW, but one way or another Vanilla PW will likely always be superior in every way.

Just something different, this is. A humble minimod, if you'd call it as such. :smile:


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Please update the mod thread and add me as a coder.

As I have made many significant changes to your coding.
I have also added two most wanted rulebreakers to the ban list.

L11Enk and B16Enk.


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When you can form a sentence which doesn't look like it was made by someone who is part chav and part retard.


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Experience (If any) with alpha/beta testing:
Tested features on Nexus with S0mebody(and telling him to million times to stop breaking it)
Tested a mod on cod2(Clan+server has died though, mod is still getting used.)
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