[NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

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Will be working on this mod as a contributor in between the downtimes of my other project, Rigadoon will have more info for you guys soon.
Yup. Might as well put it into an update.

Update #8

Alright, as Azrooh just said, he'll be working on this mod as a contributor. Now this is some really good news for us because Azrooh is a very skilled, very experienced coder. This opens up tons and tons of possibilities for us. He's going to help us with things like deployable machine guns, artillery, bayonets, medpacks, and poison gas. Some more info:

Machineguns : We'll have light machineguns that are easily portable and heavy machineguns that you'll need to deploy like a rocket to use. They'll also overheat, forcing the player to fire in bursts.
Artillery and Gas : Artillery will be breechloaded, so no ramming. It'll also be able to fire percussive shell shot and canister will be replaced with poison gas.
Gas Masks : Gasmaks can be toggled with a key and will allow the player to pass through poison gas safely
Bayonets : Bayonets will work just like in Secession, you press a key to toggle it on and off. While the bayonet is on,  your rifle is a little bit less accurate but is a much deadlier weapon in melee
Medkits: Medkits will be very simple, just throwing weapons that can heal players.

We're also almost ready to release a mapping module for mappers that want to get started early. It'll have a bunch of WWI props that we've created.


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Azrooh the almight coder, we thank you for this! He is the genius behind secession artillery, no way this can go wrong now.


No females  :shock:    :cry:  :cry:    :cry:  ahh well

Will this mod have horses in, horses were used in WW1 and it would be funny to do a fruitless cavalry charge, or ride some where and dismount to fight. you could use the british 1908 cavalry sword, Its a really long thrusting sword, theres a sword on fire on sword like it for a refrence Can be used like a  lance  :grin: would be cool to have in ww1 despite bolt action rifles and machine guns

Attachable bayonets sounds awesome :grin:



Don't see a problem with females in this mod, unless you're going for historical accuracy.

The plans for the future sound very exciting, how accurate are guns in this mod? Are they like muskets?
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