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Menelaos16 said:
Are there any plans to buff the French? I generally see them lose most of the time on US1&2.
I've been seeing it go roughly 50/50
French do need more troops to match the variety the Germans have though.
eg: those Colonial Marines and Foreign Legion troops that were originally mentioned
I have this horrible problem.. I tried to download the newer version (1.100) today but then when I was trying to start the game it crashed.. how am I supposed to play this awesome mod if download files are that retarded...
betty was a pain in the ass she tked my entire team so i did what any other normal person would do.... shot betty with a cannon
Rigadoon said:
AubeS said:
Will you add the Berthier rifle for the french ? (Since he partially replaced the Lebel in begin of 1916 year and totaly replaced it on the midlle of 1916)
That's...not right at all. It would be a good idea to do a bit of quick research. To answer your question, we may add the units that used the Berthier Rifle to the mod in the future.

As you said it I made some research and actually he begin to be distributed in 1915 to the regular french troop but during the year 1916 he totally replaced Lebel in the equipment given to the new formed soldier. Well after I understands that there was certainly problem of logistics and that Lebel continue to be use at the same time as this rifle but historically Lebel rifle in was to replace by Berthier rifle in 1916.
Played this for several hours today, very interesting mod!

The shooting mechanics are great, and so is the overall feel of the mod.
Trenches and other objects look great.

There is a large amount of teamkillers and a lack of medics actually doing medical work.
I know that both of those issues is more up to the players, but for an increase in support roles it would perhaps be nice to give them something extra. Like getting points on the scoreboard for helping people out.

I like the idea behind conquest, but the spawns are too close to each other which results in entire spawn waves being killed by spawn campers or worse; grenades.

In addition, I found an exploit for infinite artillery ammo but I have not yet been able to duplicate it exactly yet. Will report it once I have.
Good mod overall. Now there is quite a slight problem when it's come to fighting in large group of people. At the moment, the average life span for conquest mod is roughly  5 seconds under MG fire or grenade spam.

It would be great if we had a chance to do bayonet charge once a while instead of being mobed down like fresh grass whenever fighting start.

PS : a suggestion in battle mod. Could we have a agonizing phase on the ground when we  fall from bleed out ? Some way to be able to survive a little longer before the medic come when we are wounded.
Grenades problem that, even if they have a timer, they do not have a signal. People do not notice a grenade and die. I'd weaken ordinary rifle. It's too precise and rapid-fire.
Can anyone point me to where I have to go to sign up for the event? Is it necessary to be in a regiment? Any help is appreciated!

sturbridgev said:
Can anyone point me to where I have to go to sign up for the event? Is it necessary to be in a regiment? Any help is appreciated!

It is necessary to be in a regiment for events, anyone without regiment/clan tags is dismissed from the server considered a public player not signed up for the event.
Unless of course public players are allowed as a public regiment guided in teamspeak or so but that is more rare.

Events IE mod FSE childboard
Thanks for the quick reply. On that note, are there any regiments who are looking to recruit a mature, semi-casual player :grin:? Or does anyone know the best place to look for recruiting regs? Thanks!
I wrote 2 "guides" to the mod and what can advance regimental/gameplay characteristics in the future. I plan on continuing these regularly, in hopes they can help players in the game with information in real life. Right now the first two are just going over regiment subjects, but I will go into game-play later.

  I am Heinrich, a partially new user on the taleworlds forum. I am here today to share the WW1 Deutsches Kaiserreich doctrine and how it would come into effect in this mod, Iron Europe. Please excuse my un-native English, as I am Deutsch.. ok (  :mrgreen: )?  I am a Naval Officer Graduate of Mürwik (2013) and was able to obtain some hard sources involving the WW1 period of the Deutsches Kaiserreich. So I thought I might as well put it to use, due to the lack of information on the Internet.

Article 1:

Article 2:
Terath86 said:
Oh, sorry.
I meant Windows 8 64-bit.
Windows 8 32-bit and Windows 8 84-bit can run 16 bit programs, but not 32-bit.
It's still a problem for me, and I prefer ZIP over any installer.

Help? I would put it in a zip myself but I can't run the damn thing with W8 64bit.
Developer Blog #1

Welcome to the first of many Dev Blogs. Basically, they are the Updates from the development stage except now they are focused on delivering the latest news on the team's efforts to expand and improve the mod.

February 14, 2014 was certainly a day to be remembered. The day before, Iron Europe reached #1 on ModDB, becoming the most popular of 21,000 other mods. This was a huge surprise for the team as, in other updates, we only managed to reach the forties or fifties. Other accomplishments of IE's fans includes overloading five mirrors in two minutes, getting 27,000 ModDB hits in one day, and reaching a new 'Members Online' record on FSE forums. We thank each and every one of you for your support, it truly was what allowed us to come so far.

It was rough at first as, as mirrors went down and we realized that once servers reached more than 80 players, very bad lag started to kick in. However, the situation improved significantly once more mirrors were put up and servers were capped at 100. Over the night(for my time zone), the NA and EU servers were always near full, hundreds of people were playing the mod. It wasn't the best mod release, but all in all, it was fairly successful. DanyEle, Olafson, and Vincenzo worked to improve the mod which resulted in today's 1.1 Patch. It fixed multiple bugs and performance was improved. Asking around the servers, the patch did seem to help significantly, but the lag issues and crashes were still apparent. We apologize for those who's gameplay experiences have been affected by the lags and crashes and we will continue working to improve it.

Thanks for sticking with us so far, and I hope you all continue to do so as the mod is further expanded. The next developer blog will give more details on what you can expect for future patches. Keep reporting bugs and letting us know how we can make Iron Europe more fun. As well, don't forget to continue spreading the word of the mod around! Until next time.

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