[NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

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I noticed something weird. i just tested the mortar, and it seems like no matter how high i aim, the shell allways impacts at about the same distance.
Hi I would like to report two bugs alot of people have that just ruin the game.

- Sometimes you can't press ESC so you can not switch your troop, nation, change settings, etc.

- In team deathmatch and deathmatch for some reason you spawn to the closest enemy and get spawn killed right away or you get in crossfire when you spawn and get great damage which kills you after you bleed out or you get shot to death on spawn no time to aim no time to throw a grenade nothing.

Thanks to anyone who that reads this and helps get these major bugs fixed!

PS: The mod is awesome other then the two bugs
thanks for the awesome mod :grin:


If you are medic and you try to heal someone some times it kills them and blames you for TK happened to me 3 times i was trying to heal someone and it said I killed them :/

Any way to fix any of these bugs
i must say this is the best mod ever but 1 thing i cant get is how to aim through a sniper scope i hit right click then left shift (walk key) but its not aiming through the scope
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