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Most people in our mod team have extensive modding experience. Details on how to join are in the FAQ.


Rigadoon: Modeler|Texturer

DiplexHeated: Sound Designer|2D Artist

Baillie: Texturer

Hudson: Modeler

BetaKnight: Modeler|Texturer

DiffusionXI: Modeler|Texturer

Bsnott: Modeler

DanyEle: Coder|Animator

Peppe019: Modeler|Texturer|Animator

KArantukki: Modeler|Texturer|Mapper

Wigster: Modeler

Thanks goes to these incredible people for their contributions to the mod. If you should be on this list but aren't, notify me immediately so I can get you up here! This list is not in any particular order.

Azrooh: Allowed us to use his complex shooting system, toggable bayonets, and bleeding/bandaging from Secession as well as coding for Iron Europe itself.

Wolfstar97: Starting the original mod. His work on BF Europe is why Iron Europe exists.

Kapellan: Allowing us to use his German weapons.

Lucke189: Creating the WWI OSP

AndreusAs: Allowing us to use sandbags from his mod.

ThatSillyLucas: Provided us info on the French.

Rojen: Former team member.

The Great War Team: Allowing us to use their research.

Harry: Providing incredibly detailed diagrams on a bunch of WWI weapons as well as bringing our attention to historical inaccuracies.

Skot the Sanguine: Gave us very useful information and photos of German equipment. He's always there for us when we need historical guidance.

Gallipoli 1915-1916 Team: Allowing us to use their resources including a rifle animation and battleship scene prop.

Willhelm: Provided coding assistance and created

Schinider: Bayonet charging animation.

Vornne: Coding Inspiration.

Faradon: Allowing us to use his Lightsabers, for admin weapons.

Hampus Norlander: Former team member who created models, textures, and art.

Croosaid.R: Former team member who created models and textures.

Poll results help us get an idea of what the community wants but do not make the final decisions.

Should there be females?
Yes:53 (31.9%)
No:113 (68.1%)
Total Members Voted: 166

Units Poll
Variety of different units: 61 (52.1%)
Standard unit but with uniform randomization: 56 (47.9%)
Total Members Voted: 117
Total War Center Thread
For the TWC forumers. This one is usually out of date.

Steam Group
Join up to get notifications on updates and be able to ask questions to developers! In the future we hope that the steam group will also make event hosting easier.

Mod DB Page
Pretty much the same as the page here. We just want to reach out to more people.

French Thread
For French speakers.

The Great War
A released WWI mod for Napoleon total war. It's a ton of fun. Be sure to try out the tanks.





Iron Europe is a mod in progress for Mount&Blade Napoleonic Wars. We aim to fully immerse players in the brutal battlefields of World War I with new gameplay features, weapons, sounds, scene props, maps and animations. You'll be able to pick from a variety of classes with different weapon sets, strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to decide how you want to play. Then you'll be thrown into muddy, worn down trenches where you'll either be fighting off enemy assault troops, cowering from artillery fire, or preparing attacks to punch through enemy lines.

Some history of the mod. The first WWI mod for Warband to ever be completed was The Vast Fields of Europe. While it had many interesting features, it was killed by buggy releases and lack of interest. Several months after the death of TVFoE, the team created Battlefield Europe 1916 with a whole new vision in mind. Iron Europe continues that vision and we grow ever closer delivering a grand WWI mod.

Well here it is. Battlefield Europe is finally back but under a new name and some changes. Big change number one is that we'll be making our mod for Napoleonic Wars. Also, Wolfstar has moved on so the mod is no longer under his leadership. Our goals remain mostly the same and we hope to deliver you a mod that makes the long wait worth it. Thanks so much to those who have followed us since The Vast Fields of Europe or Battlefield Europe.

Planned Features
These are features that we plan to have in our first public release. Depending how much time we have, we may include extra or take away features for the release. In any case, you can expect us to patch the mod constantly after the first release, adding new features and factions.
-New Factions; French Third Republic, German Empire
-A wide variety of classes to choose from providing different strengths, weaknesses, and equipment sets
-Tons and tons of new weapons including revolvers, semi-autos, machine guns, and bolt action rifles
-New sounds for firing, shooting, melee and background music
-Both fuse and percussion grenades
-Working whistles and binoculars
-Attachable and detachable bayonets
-Mortars, infantry support guns, and other short range artillery
-Portable ammunition boxes
-Bleeding and bandaging

Frequently Asked Questions
1.How can I help?
  a.I don't have any modding skills at all but I still want to do what I can to help.
Even without modding skills you can be tons of help to the mod. Just spread the word around and wear one of our signatures. This will help us a lot because every mod/game needs a strong player base to succeed. Also, posts on the thread are very encouraging to our team. Criticism helps us know how to improve our work and praise encourages us to work harder.
  b.I can research and/or map.
Sorry, but we don't allow researchers or mappers into the team. However, research and mapping help is still appreciated and of course, you'll be credited. For mappers, we've made a mapping module(NW with WWI props) so that mappers can get started before the release of the mod. However, it is currently bugged and it's best to wait until we fix it up.
  c.I can be a tester.
See #3.
  d.I have actual modding skills like modeling, coding, or animating.
We accept modders that are serious about helping the mod and have some modding experience. If you want to join, make a post on the forums(pm if you prefer) showing the position you want, past experiences, and some work you've done.

2.When will this mod be released?
Short Answer: We don't know
At this point in the development of the mod, there is really no way to determine when this mod will be released. Since we arn't getting paid to do this, we can only work on this in our freetime, still needing to worry about real work and school. There are also things that can put team members out of action for a long time. So for now, any release date that we give out will most likely be wrong and we'd rather not disappoint anyone.
    b.Will this mod be out by ------ ?
Again, we don't know. Why people believe that asking the same question in a slightly different way will yield them a better answer is beyond me.

3.Can I be apart of the closed beta?
Closed beta will be very small, exclusive to the team, contributors, and a few others. It doesn't take a huge amount of people to get the bug finding and feedback we need. Don't ask to be one of the 'few others', you will be denied.

4.Is this mod dead?
No. Unless if I state specifically that this mod is dead, you can assume that it is alive and kicking. If it has been some time since the last update, don't worry, know that we will not stop working on it until we have a release.

5.Why is the mod taking so long?
As said in #2, this is a non-profit mod. We can only work on this mod in our free time, still needing to worry about work and school. The time we have to work on the mod is very limited and you can imagine that after a long day of hard work there are more entertaining and relaxing options than working on a mod. This mod is the product of team members giving up their free time for the community so we ask that you respect the team and their efforts by letting us take our time and not complaining about how long the mod is taking.

6.When does the mod take place?
We're going for a late 1916 to early 1917 time frame, encompassing important battles such as Verdun(late), the Somme, and the Neville Offensive. This allows us to recreate an interesting period of the war where trench deadlock had set in and the first trials of many deadly new technologies were introduced to the battlefield.

7.Will there be machine guns?
Light machine guns that are easily portable will be available to both factions. This goes for heavy machine guns as well but they will be difficult to transport and you may not see them in the first version of the mod.

8.Will there be artillery?
We'll have a variety of shorter range artillery like mortars, infantry support guns, and light field guns. Anything heavier than those wouldn't make any sense because of the small size of Warband maps. There will also be a variety of ammunition like explosive and gas.

9.What about stuff like flamethrowers, tanks, armored cars and planes?
As you can probably guess, stuff like this is very difficult to do. Other mods have proven that such features are possible so you may see them in the far future but it's definitely not a priority at the moment.

10.What other factions will there be?
Once France and Germany are fleshed out we'll work on the UK. We'll decide where to go from there once the UK has been released.

11.Will German troops be able to wear the Pickelhaube?
Unfortunately, no. It was not used during combat during the mod's time frame.

12.Will there be cavalry?
Cavalry did not see much success on the Western Front due to advances in weaponry and ruggedness of terrain. While it was used occasionally, it's use was so limited that we feel it's not justifiable to be included in the mod, at least for early versions. However, if we start to work on other theaters of the war, for example, the Eastern Front, where combat was very mobile, you can be sure that cavalry will be included.

13.Do you take donations?
Not at the moment, however, in the future, they will be quite useful for site and server hosting. So hold onto your cash, stay tuned for more info on this, and give yourself a pat on the back for being awesome.
All the work we have done and are willing to show will be released in updates every once in a while.
The spoilers contain a list of what the updates contain. Click on the updates themselves to view the whole thing.​

Update #1 (8/25)
-French Uniform
-Lebel Rifle
-Trench Wall
-Adrian Helmet
Update #2 (8/26)
-Barbed Wire
Update #3 Just News (8/27)
-New team members
-Steam group
Update #4 (8/29)
-French Officer progress
-New dirt texture
-French infantry uniform and helmet ingame
Update #5 (9/3)
-New team members
-Brodie helmet
-Bridge scene prop
-Stahlhelm shape corrected
-Dirtier faces
-Lebel rifle ingame
Update #6 (9/9)
-Officer Uniform
-New Trench Prop
Update #7 (9/19)
-Trench Weapons
Update #8 (9/29)
-Big plans
Update #9 (10/6)
-New Adrian Helmet
-Lebel Bayonet
-Shovel(for melee)
-French Officer in game
-Auto-fire and bayonet system demonstration
Update #10 (10/21)
-French backpack variation
-French boots
-French Mortier de 58 mm type 2
-Gas warning bell
-Trench from WWI OSP and destroyed version
Update #11 Mapping Module (10/2:cool:
-Mapping module released
Update #12 German Weapons (12/5)
German firearms, includes the K98az, Gewehr 98, MG08 and MG08/15
Update #13 German Weapons.2 (1/3)
Update #12's guns textured and a couple new models.
Update #14 Knives (2/7)
A couple French and German trench knives and bayonets.
Update #15 German Uniforms (4/9)
German tunics and a great coat, no gear yet.
Update #16 Rigged Uniforms and Hats (5/6)
A look at our uniforms and hats in game.
Update #17 German Uniforms.2 (6/14)
A look at our uniforms and hats in game.
Update #18 Officer Equipment (7/20)
Colmont and Feldglas Binoculars, a whistle, and a field phone scene prop.
Update #19 Pistols, Sentinels and Stormtroopers(8/4)
Updated pistols + Ruby pistol. Sentinel Grabenpanzer body armor and Stormtrooper gear.
Update #20 Scopes, Grenades, In-game Screens(9/7)
Update focusing more on in-game and coding. Video demonstrating shooting, scopes, bleeding, bandaging, binoculars, whistles and grenades. Grenade and new stalhlelm renders.
Community Stuff

Here are some signatures made by the community. Putting one of these in your
signature helps us a lot and is much appreciated.

By Mack (2)


By Rigadoon (1)
By Lloydski (4)




By Tomdebomb (1)

By DiplexHeated (2)



By DasKinkyWalrus (1)


By Colonel Howe (1)


By Aumashy (3)




By Waterbeetle (2)



By Peppe (1)



To be added.

For reserving a regiment and other clan related things, please go to the [Iron Europe Regimental Thread]
The detail on that French uniform and gun are just amazing! Goodluck Rigadoon! Perhaps if i've some extra time left i'll make a map or two for you if you don't mind? :wink:
Update #1

Alright guys, here is your first update. We've got some great models done but serious coding work has not started yet.​

Two French uniforms
Made by Rigadoon. We've already got this one in game but there are still some minor issues we'd like to fix before showing in game shots.
This one by Hampus Norlander is not yet finished.

Lebel Rifle
Here we have a rifle by Kapellan. It's still not ready for ingame use but we're working on it.

Trench Wall
Made by Rigadoon. We plan to have very detailed trenches with a huge variety of props. Here's the first of many,

Adrian Helmet
Modeled by Rigadoon, Textured by Hampus Norlander

Be on the look out for more updates!
Finally! A WW1 mod thread that isn't about Minecraft :lol:
I'd really love to see a finished WW1 mod, I've played several mods before (not for warband) about WW1 and I liked them even though most people didn't.
Good luck and God speed!
This is gonna be great well you get lots of people on it.

lFortune said:
Finally! A WW1 mod thread that isn't about Minecraft

the has been a WW1 thread that isn't about minecraft before this
-1 internets for you
Just adding this to today's update.

Adrian Helm! Model by myself and texture by Hampus Norlander

Edit:And thanks for all the support! We appreciate it!
How's gonna be the artillery ? XD

I could help with the french stuff like a researcher , PM me if you need anyone for that
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