MP Oriental [NW] Boshin No Jietai: The Fall of the Samurai - Recruiting various positions

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And zee screenshots...





The reason its a half red helmet is that Yuki was messing about with some textures and gave me one to check out and I forgot to replace.
Little update. Deciding to start on the in-game banners I realised we didn't a forum one (signature/banner) so here we go:

Many new weapons and animations have been added and its time to truly start on the Imperial faction with weapons ranging from 1853 Enfield's to Needle Gun's but most of the coding and implementation shall be done once the NW source code is released so we can get straight on with it
Need a Japanese accent? Ask a Finn. I, at least find it rather easy to pronounce Japanese.

Then again I don't know how many of us Finns exist on this crazy place called the internet!

Oh, and good luck.
You know, I still have the .psd with all the layers, for me it's just hit color/saturation in the metal layer and bam, done, armour hue changed.

Guess it will save you a lot of work. If you want me to do it, just send me a PM, I'll send you the modified texture files then.

Good to see my work being put to use :smile:

Sent a pm :wink:

Also we a currently including some of the Imperial (and some Shogunate) uniforms into the mod now so you may be able to see some uniformed troops in screen shots not just armoured...
When you can, I'd get banners to promote both of the Imperial and Shogun forces fighting each other to raise more interest.
Though we only have 2 factions ingame banners will be of different clans(Including some clans from the sengoku jidai who survived through all these years! and still kept their mon)
danielcross19981 said:
wasnt on the boshin war that there were rifles gattling guns, amstrong cannons?????

Yeah, the current banners being used look really generic, the armour does look good though. Get some Imperial looking Japanese up there.

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