Nuova sezione ed eventi Iron Europe in forum Taleworlds


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In concomitanza con il rilascio di Iron Europe è stata inaugurata sulla sezione internazionale di Napoleonic Wars una sezione dedicata ad Iron Europe. Nonostante quella sul forum FSE sia maggiornamente popolata, consigliato a tutti di tenervisi aggiornati e di provare la mod! Tanti eventi stanno venendo organizzati su tutti i fronti :grin:

Link alla sezione

Ecco, ad esempio, l'evento Europeo ufficiale che si svolgerà ogni venerdì


- You 've got to either stick with your squad or with a group of 6 players.

- If you die, you've got to spawn close to your squad  and either move directly to your squad or wait at the spawn for your teammates.

- It is not allowed to spawnkill by a flag, your aim should be to conquer as soon as possible (If your faction owns more flags than the enemy, they will be forced to attack).

- You are not allowed to pick up weapons your class dooesn't use: for example you cant pick up a MG or sniper rifle as normal soldier.

- Every squad is allowed to have one medic, one officer, one sapper and one support soldier.

- Every team will have 2 snipers (you can apply for them on teamspeak).




Rifle Squad:​
- class: Escouade de Fusiliers / Schützentrupp
- Amount of players: 6-24
- Description: The rifle squads are good at defending trenches as well as charging enemies in their own trenches. You are allowed to take a small MG Squad if you have more then 12 playes. Moreover, you can either choose a heavy MG with a gunner and ammobearer or pick a light MG with gunner and ammobearer.

Assault Squad:​
- class: Escouade Nettoyeurs de Tranchées, Escouade de Fusiliers / Sturmbatallion
- Amount of players: 6-16
- Description: The assault squad is good at capturing the enemy trenches with their firepower and grenades.

- class: Artillerie / Fußartillerie
- Amount of players: 3-6
- Description: The players of the artillery squad are allowed to leave the squad to get a better/free artillery gun. However their job consists of bombing the enemies and force them out of their trenches.

- class: Tireur d'Elite / Scharfschütze
- Amount of players: 1-2
- Description: The sniper is allowed to move without a squad on the battlefield. He has to kill as many enemies as possible.


About the Event

The Event will be hosted every friday evening. Our aim is it to host an big event with many regiments and  players. The main Admins are KArantukki, DanyEle and Olafson. For now, we're hosting it on 2 servers. Later, we will see how many people will join this great fight and maybe organize more servers and admins.


Time to apply on TS: 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET
Gamemode: Conquest
- IE_Official_Event_1
- IE_Official_Event_2


The registration for the event will start at 19:00gmt on our teamspeak (,  the regimental leaders will be able to post their amount of players and what they want to play (similar to the good old MM/NW saturday LB), we will manage to set up fair teams so every one will start at 19:15gmt.

<19:00:00> "KArantukki": Garde Pionier Batallion / 10 men / Assault squad

There will be a limited amount of spots for classes like artillery, snipers or assault squads. Especially for the sniper spots, there will be only four which are giving to the first 4 players who apply for it on teamspeak.



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