[NRP] Napoleonic Role Play Campaign 3.0 [Launch 16th of March]

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Introduction to the Campaigns

The NRP Campaign was an idea first brought up around December 2017 in an attempt to focus the efforts to bring the Napoleonic Role Play server to life again after a severe decline in active admins and players. The idea was worked on internally for several months until the launch of the first event which served as a test on the 7th July 2018. The success of the first two campaigns last year has us continuing the idea and it's now supervised by an entire dedicated team in 2019. The basic foundation of each campaign is built upon factions, each having a command structure which any player can apply to become a part of, and these command structures take care of their internal matters such as line or unit CO:s and XO:s. Generals and field marshals make map moves with the technical assistance of the campaign development team and according to the set of rules involving movement. The strategical battleground is made up of casting dices and doing moves on an interactive map hosted on a website and created by the development team of the campaign. The server is public and open for all during the events and we cooperate with various regiments and veterans of the community.

Introduction to the Napoleonic Role Play Server

The NRP server has never been about being linked to a regiment, even if it's hosted by a member of the 59th Regiment of Foot, thus NRP staff is entirely within it's own sovereignty. The management and the admins of the Napoleonic Role Play server rarely use external forums to promote events or ourselves, but we'd find it unfortunate if players miss out on our events which always fills the server to the brink and require us to cap the server at 250. Further information about the campaign is available on our forums, and we use our discord to allow for faction communication.

The third iteration of the Campaign

Our previous two campaigns have been a resounding success, and 3.0 is shaping up to be our most ambitious one yet. NRP Campaign 3.0 is based on the 7 Weeks War between Prussia and Austria, in an a historical scenario which serves as a simplified conflict to decide whether Austria or Prussia will ascend to masters of Germany. With dedicated writers, coders, modders and mapmakers, all developments in the campaign and significant events will be written up in an immersive fashion as players will serve the Prussian or Austrian armies in a war for domination.

We have since the start of the campaign had six campaign related battles, all have been highly popular and competitive.
Here are some historical excepts written by the campaign developer Joeriig for use on the announcement channel on our discord:

Campaign Battle 2: First Battle of Böhmen (Süd)

Unaware of the Prussian defeat at "The Battle of Oberschlesien", the Prussian 2nd Armee marches towards the Austrian defenders in lower Bohemia! Although rumor has it a major battle has taken place is Silesia, there has been very little information! With high hopes the Prussian forces cross the landscape until they arrive at the river of Moldau. On the other side of this river they find the Austrian allied army camped and ready for battle! A confrontation is inevitable as Helmet von Moltke the elder and The Tax Collector order a full scale attack!

Campaign Battle 3: First Battle of Niederschlesien

With two major battles already taken place, the Austrian high command finds itself in a difficult situation. Although they managed to withstand the Prussians at Silesia during the last Saturday, last Sunday south Bohemia had been completely overrun! Kaiser Florian, aware of the growing discontent, needs a victory fast and has as a result ordered a major counter-offensive. This evening we find ourselves at the "Oder river" in Lower Silesia!

Campaign Battle 4: Second Battle of Böhmen (Süd)

The Austrian counter-offensive in Lower Silesia has been successful routing the the Prussian 1st army as a result. While the Prussian 1st has been shamed, the 2nd Armee proudly awaits the Austrian attack near the Moldau river in south Bohemia, they have yet to be defeated. With the intention of repelling the Austrian forces the Prussian High command rally the men and prepare a defense! A confrontation is inevitable as @King of Rome orders a full scale attack!

Campaign Battle 6: Battle of Brandenburg

With the lower Oder river completely under Austrian control, the Prussian 1st finds itself on the retreat. They have fought hard but to no avail, the Austrians pushed deep into Silesia. Will they ever be stopped? Meanwhile in the south, Prussia remains in full control of Prague and the Bohemian countryside, withstanding countless Austrian attacks. As neither side has been able to inflict a finishing blow, the war continues.

Campaign Battle 7: Third Battle of Niederschlesien

With the advance of the Austrian Nordarmee temporarily halted by the sacrifice of the Prussian 1st, the Prussian High Command orders a counter-offensive in lower Silesia to prevent the Austrians from regrouping and regaining momentum. The Prussian Elbe army will have to rout the Austrian Nordarmee from Silesia to secure the road to Berlin. Will the Prussians succeed or will the Nordarmee once again claim victory?

You can find more information on when and what in,
Our steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialnrpcommunity
Our discord: https://discord.me/nwrp
Our forums: https://nwrp.eu
Our interactive campaign map: https://nwrp.eu/campaign


Recorded campaign videos by Lexxe & Scandypandy:

Meme NRP-related videos by Ewoksson:




Wow this looks very EpIc and you should definetely join Austria since we are much better than prussia and their weak forces


Battle of Vienna at 9 PM today, 20th of April! (One hour from this post)
Battle of Königreich Sachsen at 9 PM tomorrow, 21st of April!
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