NPC's Easily Recognizable by Face

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I think all characters should be easily recognizable just by their face. This means every character would have a different face phenotype, or at least the ones you interact with (e.g Lords, merchants, quest dudes, companions, everyone except every troop or settlement npc). This would help connecting with the game a bit more, specially in longer playthroughs.

  • Characters genetically bound (same family) should exhibit a similar phenotype (recognizable characteristic, e.g.: big nose; defined jawline; height; and even behavior, like aggressiveness)
  • Increase the graphics quality of faces. Skin has no texture; hair follicles could be improved; color and lightning could use some tweaks...
  • Add more customization options to the character, e.g.: tattoos, all kinds of accessories, necklaces, rings, clan pin, jewelry, hats,belts, scars, more hair styles and control over face shape, control over color, patterns pairings, engraving...

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