Npc vs Npc Lord Escape rates tweaking

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Anyone know a tweak to change lord escape rates of the npc vs npc battles? TweakMB just tweaks player vs npc. I searched a bit but came up empty.
I'm trying to look for it in the module system.

Completely unrelated, but I found this:
("surrender_offer_default",        "Stop! I yield!"),
  ("surrender_offer_martial",        "Stop! I yield!"),
  ("surrender_offer_quarrelsome",    "Enough! You win today, you dog! Ach, the shame of it!"),
  ("surrender_offer_pitiless",      "I yield! You have won. Cursed be this day!"),
  ("surrender_offer_cunning",        "Stop! I yield to you!"),
  ("surrender_offer_sadistic",      "I give up! I give up! Call back your dogs!"),
  ("surrender_offer_goodnatured",    "I yield! Congratulations on your victory, {sir/madame}!"),
  ("surrender_offer_upstanding",    "I yield! Grant me the honours of war, and do yourself credit!"),
Proof that you can tell whether to release someone or not after you defeat them.

Anyway... I think I found it. Here it is:
(assign, ":continue", 0),
        (eq, ":quest_target", 0), #if not quest target
        (store_random_in_range, ":rand", 0, 100),
        (lt, ":rand", hero_escape_after_defeat_chance),
        (assign, ":continue", 1),
        (eq, ":quest_target", -1), #if (always run) quest target
        (assign, ":continue", 1),
      (eq, ":continue", 1),

If you want to do it manually, install the module system and then change the 0-100 to whatever you want, I think. That represents a 0-100% chance of capturing him. So if you changed it to 90-100 it would probably give a minimal chance of capturing of 90%. I will test it soon and give you the results.
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