NPC lords and recruitment.

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So for ages on forums and such I've heard people say that NPC lords don't really recruit, or that they say they're recruiting but nothing happens. I just wanted to point out that just now I've directly observed a Khergit lord come to recruit at a Swadian village and add Swadian Recruits to his party. Vanilla M&B version 1.011.

It's also worth noting that when I was burning as many Rhodok villages as possible, I began seeing a lot of Khergit units under Rhodok lords. So yeah, burning an enemy's villages apparently does place some sort of recruitment pressure on them, causing them to recruit from other factions, even if it's just a matter of not being able to recruit from a village under (looted) status.

So yeah, lords do recruit and burning villages does make that more difficult for them. What I wish I could find out are the rules underlying this. I wonder if the game specifically tracks which lords have pissed off which villages, the way it does for the player, or if it just prohibits lords from recruiting from factions they're at war with. I've never observed anything that confirms the former or invalidates the latter, but who knows?
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