NPC conversation screens needs to be optimized

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First of all, I would like to say this is a pretty polished Early-Access. I like the game a lot so far even though there are moments where I am frustrated.

In any case, one major painpoint I have with the game is that whenever you want to talk to someone, you'd switch from campaign map to a local map for the conversation to take place. This creates a huge overhead in the form of interface transition and it's completely unnecessary. It would be great if conversations can take place strictly on campaign map.


Nah removes all the character. It's going to be better when the people sounds update roll through


There is a mod that makes every conversation optional, is not exactly what you want but it is something, the name of the mod is Fast Dialog


To be honest, I'd prefer if they could just have the conversation running right on the campaign map without loading screen, or maybe replace the 3D NPC with some 2D art.
It's not like the NPC is so dazzling that I want to look at their face every time. If anything, looking at the derpy faces with helmets clipping through their chins is more immersion breaking than just have a pop-up dialogue
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