NPC Celebrates , Upgrade all the troops , Recruit all the prisoners , Clan Parties , Clan members and send troops

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Ahmad Dashti

Hello! First Thanks For all of your hard:smile:

-Pls! i want you to disable the celebrate of my troops after the enemies troop will retreat (like warband), that celebrate prevent them to kill the retreated enemies.
-Pls! Make a button called by (Upgrade all) the upgradable troops in Party screen also make a reminder to every troops in party screen for example if i want to always upgrade the imperial recruit to imperial Archer that will be reminder for next upgrade all!
- it won't be bad if you make a button called by (recruit all) the prisoners in party screen.
-really... i'm tired to keep re create Parties and Caravans pls make it automatically when the Clan parties or the caravans destroyed i hope there will be a future to the companions and Family members to re create their parties on their own.
-what if the companions and family members upgrade their weapons and armor also their horses on their own? pls do this .
-man i have a huge army with tire 5 troops when i engage looters and send my troops and many of my tire 5 troops will be dead against looters why that happen ?

Thanks to create the best game in the world! if you do the things that i mentioned... trust me the game will be double fun.
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