Now this is what you get for asking for a merge...

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Mike: Im bac
Mike: back*
Palfer [58th]: Alright
Palfer [58th]: So, I can offer you LtCol, if you bring all 15 men to the 58th
Mike: We must stay french
Mike: and in this army
Palfer [58th]: We dont need the Server or TS, we have our own.
Palfer [58th]: So, thats why we will be the 58th
Mike: I must refuse if we cannot be french.
Palfer [58th]: You seem to be ignorant to what I am saying.
Palfer [58th]: Explain to me whatv i am trying to convey to you.
Palfer [58th]: explain to me..
Mike: i am saying we must be a french regiment and stay in this teamspeak
Palfer [58th]: WE DONT NEED TO
Mike: i know
Palfer [58th]: ...
Palfer [58th]: Then why stay French
Mike: we must use our TS
Mike: we only joined yesterday
Palfer [58th]: No.
Palfer [58th]: We must not
Palfer [58th]: I dont guve a rats ass if you joined yesterdeay
Palfer [58th]: You can just say you're disbanding.
Palfer [58th]: ...
Palfer [58th]: Ahaha
Palfer [58th]: You're so ignorant
Mike: ?
Palfer [58th]: We have everything you need.
Palfer [58th]: Anf you're blowing it all for a teamspeak.
Palfer [58th]: Not good leadership, rather bad tbh
Mike: no blowing it for a TS
Mike: for a very good army that can offer us everything.
Mike: i've shown this to my guys.
Mike: and well
Mike: You're the ignorant one.
Palfer [58th]: It just shows  how poorly connected you are.
Palfer [58th]: Of course I am, thats why your a failure
Mike: Im not a failure.
Mike: this is getting personal now stop it, it's a game.
Palfer [58th]: Does not defeat the fact you're a failure
Mike: you asked me for a merge
Mike: im denying you.
Palfer [58th]: Im denying you.
Palfer [58th]: You asked for the terms, I denied.
Palfer [58th]: Ignorant.
Palfer [58th]: Imputent.
Palfer [58th]: Inconsiderate
Palfer [58th]: Cretin
Mike: Seriosuly, do i have to show this to TaleWorlds.
Palfer [58th]: That your imputence cost you a merge?
Palfer [58th]: With one of the most well connected Leaders in NW?
Palfer [58th]: I can get us countless servers for free..
Mike: ive got 4 other offers at the moment, i couldnt care less.
Palfer [58th]: And you vaused it all becausr you tell me you want to be french
Palfer [58th]: And the offers Ere from desperate no-ones like you.
Mike: im just looking for waht suits me
Mike: and it seems
Mike: you have anger issues
Palfer [58th]: Well, a sign of bad leadership.
Palfer [58th]: What suits you?
Mike: and i have now seen yuo're real side.
Palfer [58th]: It should be for the regiment.
Palfer [58th]: Meh, you dont know me.
Palfer [58th]: You never will, you're just a uselss no one
Palfer [58th]: You blew an amaxing chance.
Palfer [58th]: But I guess whatuited you was different to what suitd the regiment.
Mike: butthurt.
Palfer [58th]: Says the no-one.
Mike: XD you dont even realise.
Palfer [58th]: Nor do you that you fail.

Potterr said:
Are you palfer or are you mike? haha

I don't know which would be worse  :lol:

Though i don't believe mods will appreciate this kind of thread too much so....

The only thing that will come out of this tread is insults and trolling comments...

Please dont post personal chats or inter regiments problems in the forums.
ToeFap118 said:
What does Cretin even mean? xD

A stupid person (used as a general term of abuse).
A person deformed and mentally handicapped due to a congenital thyroid deficiency.
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