Now that the siege servers work. Taleworlds should enable to TK on those.

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I played 2 games of Siege in a public server yesterday:

The fact that there is no TK on those is really not helping the multiplayer I think 🤔
Many aspects of the combat are downgraded because of it.
I know it's like this to help the beginners against the experienced players but to me, the result is:

the gamemode is less attractive so fewer players come back to it over time (at least on public servers). Also, this makes the loot system useless:

Captain mode games are not being played currently (I hope that the targeting system that was announced will help get players back to it and that the cavalry AI will, one day be good enough to use in this gamemode) -> no loot from it
Skirmish mode is for advanced players -> no loot from it for most players
Battle mode is mainly for clan events and is not played on public servers -> no loot from it
Siege mode is the one played but only if there is no siege custom server with players on it and TK enable -> mostly no loot from it as sieges are being played on custom servers with TK

I'm only talking about the PC multiplayer of Bannerlord as I never had the chance to experience console one. Anyone knows if its played ?

So to me: Taleworlds should enable the Team Kill on public servers with some sort of Ban system for intentional TK.
Games like Chivarly and Morhaud have Team Kill in their public servers. It makes the game more skilled based.
100% agree, however I don’t think they are working properly? You say you played 2 but it still crashes I believe? Sounds like you got a lucky streak
I’m from the BRE and ofcourse advocate for our server that has TK but more importantly it has 250 slots
The bre server rarely crashes, maybe 1 a day. 2 ok a bad one.


Team damage on public servers is very important, it’s not satisfying without it. People can just run around in balls swinging and never having to block.
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