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In Progress [NotResolved]Reduced head size with latest 1.5.6 Main Branch Update+

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No, I didn't use any mods.



I'm a modder, and realized that with the latest main branch update to 1.5.6, all of the heads have shrunken. This lowers every helm in the game.
Initially, I thought it was just something wrong with my mods helms, but after verifying, the same is true for vanilla helms as well.

This can be visible on creating a new game.
This was also not present on the 1.5.6 beta branch before the move to the main branch.

Right now, all of the vanilla helms look massive on the new head, and all modded helms are the same.
The eyes are essentially covered.

I upgraded to 1.5.7 and saw the same behavior.
I would normally assume the heads were changed, but I can see that the vanilla helms are too large as well, so I believe something is very off.

If this is the new head, I am okay with that, but would appreciate a definitive answer as to whether this is a bug or the new head size.
I've 100% been able to track the issue down to the skins.xml that has been uploaded with 1.5.6 main branch+.

This would indicate that changes were made to the morphs located within the xml.

I can test this by installing a mod like Character Reload, which modifies skins.xml (and I'm assuming did not copy morph values from the new update) and default head sizes are back to normal.

This would also agree with the fact that the heads look normal in the model viewer of the mod tools - further reaffirming the fact that the changes stem from an issue within the skins.xml.
Hello, has there been any update regarding this?

Even a confirmation as to whether this is intended or a bug would greatly help the community. As is - it's very difficult to size up helms as the head shapes no longer match the default head in the model viewer.
I've been informed that this bug is fixed and will be sent to the live or beta branch in the next updates. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
@MArdA TaleWorlds Mmmm... not fixed in 1.5.8

by Sh1mbo
Hello, this issue is still present in 1.5.8, and I've been told it's still present in 1.5.9.

Does this mean we have confirmation that this is indeed a bug?
I've been informed that this bug is fixed and will be sent to the game with the latest hotfix. Can you check if you still experience this issue? I've gone forwarded and marked the topic as resolved unless you state otherwise.
Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
This bug is still present

Please fix this. The heads look NOTHING like the head mesh so their is clipping everywhere and it's impossible to shape or size anything. People are spending hundreds of hours shaping and creating free content, only to have it look the way it does.
So, I wen't back to 1.5.5 and 1.5.4, and it seems like this has always been there. I'm not sure at what version it started (1.5.8 or 1.5.9 fixed the major problem that was introduced in 1.5.6), but I think now it's just more of an issue of how different the helm placement is to how we scale it in 3d programs. I understand that helms need to be resized etc to fit different head shapes, but there seems to be a common themed in that the face is pushed back into the helm
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