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We with my comrade present you next development. For this time is a script for a city guard, allowing it really to arrest criminals. In fact, this script allows to create the special weapon - club, if to strike character which is strongly injured it, he automatically carried in the set place ( prison). A club must be accessible only for the members of guard. Does it need you?


This sounds pretty cool, but what if someone kills one of these guards and takes the club? Is there a way to make it so the club "power" is only usable by this guard?


Okay, that's what i was thinking should happen for this club. This is an awesome idea, is should definitely be used!
isnt that a bit overpowered? jails would be fist deathmatches. everyone would be TW and fully armoured knights would just... be sent to jail... for no reason.


Well if their intention was to have a death-match, yeah that might happen. But if everyone was playing by the book, and RP'ing, and no problems (I know I'm dreaming big here), then it would be useful to have. It wouldn't have to be the prisoner walking himself to jail.


Plazek said:
It is only a good idea if it is accessible only to admins.


Giving the community the ability to just all be town watch and get those clubs would be stupid, they'd probably be jailing other town watch at that point.

However, if it were only accessible to admins, there'd have to be a secret town watch armory on the map that only clan members knew the location of, or at least how to unlock it. IIRC the 22nd map that had the big castle on the hill (not the most recent one) and then the giant town had a town watch building that had several gates that locked down the building, except they weren't exactly "secret".


I can agree with this. But would it only be admin accessible or clan member accessible. I think that I only clan members were able to have access they would have to be given admin, and that doesn't seem too smart.
The second people had been to jail they just bite the bullet and switch factions to suicide and spawn back outside the jail.  Or once you're hit with the club maybe u can't spawn outside the jail until they've hit you with it again or released u or whatever.


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Sure if they want to lose all their equipment. Or they wait a few minutes and get let out.

Of course if they do not serve their term they will still be criminals and get guard whacked again.


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This is something that would obviously be very fun for RP and even have benefits for standard gameplay.

But is this just a fantasy suggestion? Have you done the code, and does it work?



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NightHawkreal said:
We with my comrade present you next development. For this time is a script for a city guard, allowing it really to arrest criminals.

I think he and his friend have made it. :smile:
Calmness, if all players will become guards nothing critical will happen, cudgels will simply become unavailing - guards are protected from their effect, for a number of reasons. About the further fate of captives we think, there is an idea regarding correctional works. (hard labour) :smile:
Laszlo you offend me, :smile: I do not offer what for me is not present. We have a script and he works, we checked.
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