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Hi, I really like the game, but some points are too easy to abuse. For example, a bow on a horse should be used no earlier than level 100 of bow and riding skills, I buy 3 quivers of arrows at the first level of the hero and kill a maximum of 35 looters alone, just circle around them at close range and shoot. Another point is the hiring of troops in the villages, this is the privilege of the lord of the faction. How can a simple vagabond come to a village, take people out of it and not ruin relations with the faction lord? I believe that the player should become a vassal and only then he will be able to hire troops in the villages of the faction, or he should own these villages, and also, a large player’s squad should be perceived as an enemy on the territory of any faction, except for those with whom they have good relations. And one more thing, this is the opportunity to conclude a peace treaty after the capture of a city or castle. My maximum squad was 150 warriors, I captured the castle but then the enemy lords gathered and attacked me, and ... I just paid off for 100,000. This is not fair.
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