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Northern Empire!

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Younes123 said:
PapaWeymar said:
Younes123 said:
PapaWeymar said:
[SOTR] Roy said:
PapaWeymar said:
[SOTR] Roy said:
Oh don't be mistaken, I'm not trying to derail the conversation, I'm trying to bring it to a full stop. You talk about giving advice and criticism, I have no issues there. However, if you're going to try and give advice and what I hope would be constructive criticism then perhaps just be nice and respectful about it instead of turning to trash talk the minute we counter your argument? You talk about being unprofessional, desperate and bad. I'm sorry to say my friend but with all the shots you're trying to fire at us, it just made you look like the biggest hypocrite on this forum.
You didn't counter anything. You have literally refused to give me a legitimate answer to any of my concerns. You just say "oh you're free to have your opinion" and then prance off as if that's a legitimate response. Again, your last sentence proves it, instead of giving an argument to the contrary, you just call me a hypocrite. Do you have an answer to any of my questions?

I tell you what, lets start over. Please voice your concerns clearly now and I shall answer to the best of my ability and we can resolve this once and for all.
Pass. I'm not going to take time out of my day to voice concerns I already have multiple times. You can scroll up, read them and respond to them, or continue to look like a clown.

Also, speaking of hypocrites, you complain about my trash talk as you proceed to attempt to trash talk two mere sentences later, in a sentence talking about hypocrisy? Lmao

Alright, if you truly have some genuine concerns then I will do my best to make my way through them.

1. "Well, some planning can be done, like who to put at the command, but recruiting is near pointless."

We believe recuiting now is more important than ever. The people receiving the beta will be the first to experience the game and I believe people should be given the chance to experience everything M&B has to offer, including the communities whether it be ours or any other.

2. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about any of that, they're laughing at you because you bumped your own thread like 5 times."

There's no real explanation to this I suppose other than the fact that we just want to advertise our community. The more people that see it, the more people will consider joining, the more people we will have when we can start official events. Easier to be seen when you're on the front page.

3. "It just makes your clan look unprofessional, desperate and bad."

I said people are entitled to do as they please because it's true. If people wish to laugh at us because we're trying to maximise our efforts in expanding then let them do so. The whole of the bannerlord community is steadily growing and will continue to. I'm not worried anywhere near enough to be desperate for people when the game has not even been fully released yet. I will say however that I believe the way we set this post up was done with the best intentions, upmost respect for our fellow players and a satisfactory level of professionalism.

4. "You realize that your failing group is trash because of your own leadership, but can't recognize that, so you have to keep desperately posting in order to grab somebody's attention. It's just pathetic."

I have the upmost faith in our leadership. We have lead many communities through NW, Holdfast, Arma etc both each of us on our own and more commonly together. Again our posting is not desperation but yes, we do wish to be noticed, how else do we expect to expand. Certainly not from sitting on page 4 of the forum waiting for someone to be bored enough to scroll through them all. I do not intend to sit around and expect others to seek us out, no sir, I will do everything in my power to make our community noticed.

Those are a few points you have listed, I have listed answers the best I can. I do not hold any grudges towards anyone here but hope this does clear up a few troubles that we've had here, today. :smile:

Aight, that's good and all but you finished doing your bumping? its annoying because i keep going on threads that have latest posts and i keep getting you guys with your bumping even after the admin said to stop it.

There will be no intentional or purposely "bumping". If we post, we will be relaying any interesting or important information to community members or passers by that may find it interesting to them.

Don't know how any of the things you post is relevant to the original post. You are intentional bumping stop trying at this point

No, you misunderstood. Anything from this point on, regardless of what happened previously, the arguments or intentional bumps etc, from now anything we post will be relevant to our community, regarding our actions etc :smile:


Over the next few days we are going to be showcasing some of the unit we will be using ingame!

Menavlion Infantry are trained and entrusted with a "menavlion". A deadly polearm with a sharp, long double edged blade for a head and a thick sturdy shaft that is useful for both stabbing and chopping. Usually they stand right behind legionaries and support them and step forward when cavalry comes near or enemy formation breaks. Only 2-4 are permitted per Century.

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