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North and South 0.404 released [new patch]

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Master Knight

!!! The new patch 0.404 is now released !!!


Mailman's modding stuff

One of our loyal fans, the glorious Mailman, made some splendid submods for our modification.
Those uniforms, textures, animations and other stuff are included in our new patch 0.404!

New Main Features

- 12 new guns, like Burnside Carbine, Sharps Rifle or the Bowie Knife
- Beards with cigar or pipe
- Sharpshooters and rapid fire cavalry
- Complete new balancing rework
(Confederate troops with older rifles, while the federals use new modern rifles at Manassas)
- Dozens of reworked textures
- Much more!

Full change log

New weapons:
Added the Arkansas Toothpick.
Added the Bowie knife.
Added the Model 1840 Cavalry Saber.
Added the Model 1850 Army Staff & Field Officers' Sword.
Added the Colt M1860 Army.
Added the Remmington M1858 Army
Added the Springfield M1861
Added the Smith Carabine.
Added the Sharps Carabine.
Added the Burnside Carabine.
Added the 1855 Colt revolving rifle.
Added the Whitworth rifle.
Added the minee ball.
Added the revolver holster.
Added the CSA forage cap.

Added a spec map to the 14th Brooklyn private.
Added an updated spec map to the accessories, the cigar appears "lit" now.
Added the beards w/accessories like smoke/pipe
Added the new drum sounds missing from the previous patch.
Added a texture to the Washington Arty officer which was missing from the previous patch.
Added a texture for the generals sword which wasn't present in the previous patch.
Added carabines to cav horse saddles therefore I had to remove the ability for carabines to be carried on soldiers backs, see below for futher details.
Added the "percussion cap pouch" to many US units.
Added US and CS staff guidons to the general staff.
Added the sniper class to both sides, the 2nd_Kentucky_Battalion_Sharpshooters and Illinois_Militia_Sharpshooters.
Added an alpha to the Tiger NCO.
Added LOD's to most uniform tops, bottoms and hats.

Replaced the Marine musican dress uniform with the undress (field) uniform.
Replaced the 69th NCO with the 69th zouave. (Originally I thought of replacing the whole unit but I decided to consult the 69th Regiment (one of the largest and oldest NS regs) and after having a few discussions with their CO and they having their own internal discussions, we came up with the compromise that their NCO's would use the private skin and that the new zouave would replace the NCO skin, thus enabling them to form a 69th zouave unit within the 69th).

New cannon ball texture.
New sword: M1840 Musican sword (same model as the NCO sword but shorter).
New revolver: Remington M1858 Navy (same model as the army but smaller caliber, in otherwords it's weaker).
New Union signal operator uniform w/ equipment (replaces the old piper equipment slots).
New Confederate signal operator uniform w/ equipment
New 1840 forage cap for 33rd VA.
New style cav belts (changed the infantry ammo box for a cavalry box).
New style 69th NYSM flag.
New uniform for Lay's Cavlary.
New uniform for CSA brigadier general which resembles "Stonewall" Jackon's uniform from 1861.
New Union unit, Illnois sharpshooters.
New CSA unit, Kentucky sharpshooters.
New style US cav flag.
New style CS engineer.
New run animation by baktech

Changed the weapon loadouts of most soldiers.
Changed the bugle sounds again and reorganized them.
Changed the Union piper to a bugler. Although the Union now has two buglers, one is a Marine, the other Army.
Changed the equipment on the 14th Brooklyn private model.
Changed the position of the cavalry gloves so that they better sit on the model and issued them to most officers and cav units.
Changed the saddle models for some horses.
Changed the admin horse saddle to something more eye catching.
Changed the 1st VA cav NCO cheverons, from yellow to black.
Changed the cap device texture on the 69th NY officer kepi to a higher quality texture.
Changed the 7th GA NCO cheverons, from blue to black.
Changed the name of several units so that they are more descriptive.
Changed the name of Hampton's Legion to Lay's Squadron Cavlary. It turns out that although Hampton's Legion was at Bull Run, it was the infantry, not the cavalry that was present.
Changed the 1st VA battle flag to the VA state flag. The battle flag didn't come into use till the end of 61, early-mid 62.
Changed the 2nd national flag (CSA) to the 1st national flag.
Changed the glasses in the character select to look sleeker and less bulky.
Changed the size of arty ordinence. 6lbs use the default size and 32lbs are about as big as a persons head, everything else falls in between. Deffintely worth checking out to see how big of a change the sizes are during LB's.

Gave all officers and cavalry, holsters.
Gave the CSA musican the stars and bars flag, in addition to the musican flag.

Fixed the hat on the character select model.
Reduced the Z% on the zouave top and bottom models. Their chests popped out too much and looked like they were on steriods. Now it is more on par with the other soldiers.

Removed the ability to carry carabines on the backs for cavalry. They still carry them, it's just invisible untill they equip them. See above for the reason why.
Removed the 0.403 charge animation and restored the old one. Now that cav get one shot from horseback, carbines won't look rediculous when the horse is at a gallop.
Removed the Cpl stripes from the US cav bugler.

Updated the colors on most of the flags, they should appear more vivid now.
Infantry flags (except for the signal flags) can no longer be picked up on horseback.

Bugs fixed:
Fixed a bug in which one of the flowers was mirrioring, creating two flowers.
Fixed a bug in which the single earing was mirrioring, creating two earings.
Fixed a bug in which the Colt in NS was labeled as the 1861 Colt Army, in comparing photos of the real guns and the game model in NS and Secession, the gun was improperly labeled, it was actually the 1858 Colt Navy.
Fixed a similiar bug to the one above, but with the Springfield.
Fixed a similiar bug to the one above, but with the Enfield carbine.
Fixed a bug in which the CSA arty officer used the same hat as the CSA Tigers officer.
Fixed a bug with the 11th Miss NCO.
Fixed a bug with the 69th flag.
Fixed reload glitch!!!


The "uniform" Patch (0.403):

Added two flags, a white and a red signal flag for use with the new signal operator.
Added a new US guidon for cav units to use in addition to the cav guidon.
Added a Marine NCO.
Added the "NOT" equipment to all officers whos button arrangements fit (such a nice button texture needs to be seen!).
Added some accessories to all the beards.
Added three new drum snares to replace the fairely useless ones that are in NW. These new snares are reveille, march and call to battle.
Added the bugle sounds from one of my mods (the originals were in the wrong order I believe) and I cleaned up the charge sound a bit (less background noise).

Adjusted the uniforms the 1st Minn spawn with. NCO's will spawn with the appropirate uniform and flag bearers have their own model exclusive to them.
Adjusted the height and direction in which the new mameluke Marines officer sword hangs on the belt.

Changed the direction of all infantry and cavalry flags (except both signal flags) so that they no longer wave in front of the flag bearer and now wave behind the flag bearer.
Changed the way in which the cavalry guidon is held when off a horse.
Changed the German pipe for a flower for both males and females in the character creator (looked too NW).
Changed the dual earings for men to a single earing.
Changed the Confed vidette scout jacket to that of a 1st VA NCO jacket. Since the vidette scout jacket and the private jacket are identical and the 1st VA didn't have it's own NCO jacket, I made the change.
Changed the equipment of the vidette scout to resemble the vidette private (the rifle no longer clips through the rolled up overcoat).
Changed the way the cavlary guidon is held when on a horse. It looks more realistic now but couching is enabled due to the change. Considering that the flag has 0 piercing damage, people won't be racking up kills by using the flag as a lance and will quickly realize that couching the flag can't be exploited.
Changed the ani_human_mounted animation for cavalry. It's not perfect but it looks much more realistic when charging. I don't remember where the file came from though, I had it in my NW module.

Gave the CSA engineer a brown kepi in addition to the hat he already uses for variety.
Gave the US engineer the slouch hat with updated design, he no longer spawns with a kepi.
Gave some units the white kepi in addition to they kepi they already wear. Adds variety plus the white kepi saw a lot of use during Bull Run.
Gave the private in the high command unit the same kepi as the Union Brig Gen. This is to distinguish the command staff private from the cavalry private.
Gave the arty private in both factions gloves.
Gave most of the Union cav soldiers gloves.
Gave the CS cav privates gray pants in addition to the default pants they already wear for varity.
Gave female characters the eye bandage.

Replaced the Springfield musket on the command staff private with the musketoon.
Replaced the original bugler with a Marine bugler.
Replaced the Staff sargent in the high command unit (both factions) with a signal operator. It's kind of gimicky (whos going to really follow flag signals in game?) but the hardcore players might like them a lot.
Replaced the model of the high command staff sargent to more closely resemble a signal corp operator. The new model (for both factions) retains the NCO rank.
Replaced the Gettysburg loading screen with the original Bull Run screen.
Replaced the cav trumpeter hat with a infantry slouch hat and assigned it to most union officers in addition to the kepi that they may spawn. The trumpter hat is identical to the private hat so I made the change.
Replaced the 1864-65 style Lee uniform with the 1862-63 style uniform.
Replaced the generic CSA Arty soldier and officer with the Washington Arty (present at Bull Run).
Replaced the "mounted private" on the CSA arty unit with an NCO.

Removed the bugle from all remaining NCO's who still had it.
Removed the US staff flag since the staff sargent class was replaced with the signal operator (still in the game but unused).
Removed the hussar braids from males and females in the character creator (those went out of fashion decades ago).
Removed the rolled up greatcoats from the Marines.
Removed the old style glasses and monocle.
Removed the ability for all infantry flags to be used on horseback (with the new style animations and flag waving, they look rediculous while on horseback).

Restored the 11th NY flag (was missing from the last patch).
Restored the 11th Miss flag (was missing from the last patch).

Retexture of the cannon ammo box, it's now red (there were different kinds depending on the shot inside, black, green and red).
Retextured the Lee hat from brown to black.

Marine officers have their own officer kepi.
Marine officers have a new sword, the mameluke sword which was adopted in 1825 for all marine officers BUT...it was not used during the years 1859 something till the 1870s, so what I did was the game will randomly give the Marine officer either the mameluke sword or the default light cav sword used by most of the officers in the game.
Union Brig Gen have their own kepi, seperate from the slouch hat the Union Cav Capt wears.
69th NY officer has a new style kepi.
US engineer now has blue pants with a yellow stripe, accurate to the real US civil war engineers.
Fixed the pants issue. Now enlisted wear enlisted pants, NCO's wear NCO pants (where applicable).
Marines now only spawn with the USMC flag.
2nd WI has it's own US flag and a new style regiment flag.
The Rhode Island Reg has a new regiment flag.
Marine pants are slightly whiter.
Swapped the kilt for pants on the 79th piper (from what i've read, only the officer had the kilt and not for very long!).
Various changes to the AI units, mostly in the way of kepi's and pants (see above).
Edited the bugle and horn properties so now when they are not in use they go on the back of the character for cavalry and sling to the side for infantry.
Slightly raised the height of the Cav flags so that when they are planted on the ground, the pole doesn't look like it's two feet into the ground.
Fixed the missing bayonet texture on the Enfield rifle.

UI changes:
Staff sargents are now called signal operators.
Color sargents are now called Flag bearers.
All officers are refered to their ranks now instead of being called "officer".
All units were given their regiment names for clarity. For example Grenzers on the Union side will now refer to the 69th NY.
The new items were given custom names, such as the mameluke sword and the red and white signal flags.
Changed the name of the 79th NY to that of volunteer infantry for the appropriate AI unit.
Renamed the British horse guards flag to Confederate Cavalry Guidon.
Renamed the CSA arty "mounted private" to seargent.
Renamed the US arty "arty train" to seargent.
Renamed the armies.
Renamed the CSA Volunteers to 1st Maryland Infantry.
Renamed the Union Volunteers to Regular Infantry Battalion.
Renamed Vedette cav to "2nd Dragoons" for the US and "Hampton's Legion" for the CS. Both units were present at Bull Run.

Balance changes:
Generally in LB's cav aren't allowed to fire from horseback. What I've done is given US/CS cav Springfield/Enfield musketoons but they can't be used while on horse. This forces people to dismount, fire and reload on foot.
Gave all officers riding 5 except for the Marine officer and arty officer.
Removed the lighter from arty privates (this is to encourage team work between the private who has the ramrod and the NCO who has the lighter).


Other Stuff

- Fixed lot of maps for our line battles!
- Added some new maps, made by Bacon.



New main setup
(full North and South setup file, which already includes the new patch)
- for those, who are new or who don't want to patch -




Manual patch file:

Mirror 1: http://www.ge.tt/#!/2MsBHMh/v/0

Mirror 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hytbnzmlwjupzm0/Patch%200.404.7z


If you already own version 0.4, 0.402 or 0.403 (the old patch), please follow the following steps

1) Open the downloaded "Patch 0.404" file, drag and drop the included files into your Mount&Blade Warband/modules/North and South folder!
If you get error with opening the file, use 7zip to open it! http://www.7zip.com/

2) Overwrite when ask

3) Play the game! (DO NOT USE THE UPDATER TOOL!!!)

SERVER file (for server hoster only)



If you have problems with your NW key (NW is not installed), please do the following:

- Right click on Mount & Blade: Warband on steam and select view CD key.
Copy the Napoleonic Wars serial code or keep it open.

- Click Start > Run
- Enter regedit, right click to open with administrative rights
- A new window will open, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > MountAndBladeWarbandKeys
- Search the entry, serial_key_nw,
- If it doesent exist, make a string value with that name and enter your cd key there.
- make sure that the value is the same as your CD key. Also make sure that the key is separated correctly. Double click the entry and modify it until it is correct. Watch out for invisible spaces in the CD key.
- If you are done with that, close the Registry Window and start the installer, and have fun playing!


If you would like to support us

North&South Team:

North&South Community Supervisor:
Colonel Lance

North&South Update Server:

Mod Supporter:
Penis Colada
Von Afton
Col. Mack
The FSE Team



My flags aren't moving for some reason. All I did was change the 69th flag to the 20th Maine ,also I made a 20th Maine skin.

Just to clarify it's Old Glory that doesn't move, HELP!?


Master Knight
Americano said:
This mod was good before this patch came and now it requires some microsoft updater which is not free;L

This is absolutly not true. What the hell are you talking about?  :shock: :roll:
Thats why 1.500 people play it for free, right?
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