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The Weekend Cup™️

The Weekend Cup™️ is a direct successor to the [WWC] Warband Weekend Cup.

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  • The Weekend Cup™️ is the direct successor to the [WWC] Warband Weekend Cup.
  • It is a small tournament that involves four clans/teams and is played during one Weekend.
  • Semi Finals are played on Friday or Saturday.
  • Sunday or Monday are the days for Final and Third place matches.
  • Main goal of this tournament is to have fun, but also try your best against quality teams. It will also be tournament that will give chance to newer teams to play competitive scrims against more experienced Bannerlord clans.
  • Throughout the duration of Bannerlord's Early Access stage The Weekend Cup™️ will remain a tool for the developers, players and general competitive BL community to experiment and test game's classes, factions balancing, match formats, equipment and perks in the competitive environment.
  • After Bannerlord's full release, The Weekend Cup™️ will change back it's competition's format to the more traditional and standard WWC ruleset (more of which will be announced as we get closer to Bannerlord's full release).
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