Resolved North America (East) Bannerlord Captain Queueing is Broken Again

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Summary: Captain gamemode queueing on Bannerlord seems to be broken again. It has been a few days since anyone in the 30-person NAE Captain group that I'm in has reported that they've been able to get into a game which is highly unusual. We did a test a few days ago where we had 5 separate people from our group queued at once and nothing would start even after waiting for an extended period of time. There have been more new players recently so it's very improbable that there is a lack of players queueing.
The last time this happened where it was about a week of downtime, I was told that a manual fix was applied to the server(s) which immediately resolved the issue for everyone.

Someone else also reported this issue for Skirmish NA East servers:

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This is the second time I've had the issue personally. Both times a group of players tested it within a Group Chat. Both NAE and NAW servers didnt work for Captains mode. For serveral days each time. This is a game breaking issue. which surely will drive the player base away if left unresolved.
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