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I needed a Norman castle so I slightly edited native props to come up with some simplistic but practical props. They were not appropriately made as I am an amateur, but they may still be useful to some the way they are, so here below is a download link to the kit, preceded by examples of what can be done with the props


DW link: http://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/5933/?


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Merci Al Mansur

I was wondering, since you are a skilled 3D designer, would you know how I could merge two faces (I hope this is how it is called) into one, because in this example I used two castle_f towers to create one, and at the areas where there is superposition of the two props, it innevitably creates the 'blinking' glitch. Perhaps it is not accoplishable via merging, but by spliting the prop appart and remove undesirable parts where the superposition occurs.. I tried many things in OpenBRF, and I am not sure if it is possible to accomplish this using this application.. Perhaps Winds3D or like is required.. What says you?

Thanks for your possible help


Looks good, though the first two pictures are the exact same if im not missing something o_O

Edit: found what im missing xD. Didn't see those windows at first.


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I found a way to make correct battlements. Thusly, I updated the file, which now includes three battlements, an entrance, and a keep. These elements were missing.

Screenshot on top

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Here is the module scene_props:
("early_swadian_battlement_b", 0,"early_swadian_battlement_b","0", []),
("early_swadian_battlement", 0,"early_swadian_battlement","0", []),
("early_swadian_battlement_short", 0,"early_swadian_battlement_short","0", []),
("early_swadian_passage", 0,"early_swadian_passage","0", []),
("early_swadian_keep", 0,"early_swadian_keep","0", []),
("early_swadian_keep_walls", 0,"early_swadian_keep_walls","0", []),
("early_swadian_tower_aa", 0,"early_swadian_tower_aa","0", []),
("early_swadian_tower_a", 0,"early_swadian_tower_a","0", []),
("early_swadian_tower_b", 0,"early_swadian_tower_b","0", []),
("early_swadian_tower_c", 0,"early_swadian_tower_c","0", []),
("early_swadian_butress", 0,"early_swadian_butress","0", []),
("early_swadian_roof_a", 0,"early_swadian_roof_a","0", []),
("early_swadian_roof_b", 0,"early_swadian_roof_b","0", []),
("early_swadian_wall_decoration", 0,"early_swadian_wall_decoration","0", []),
("early_swadian_window", 0,"early_swadian_window","0", []),
("early_swadian_butress", 0,"early_swadian_arrowslit","0", []),
("early_swadian_top_floor", 0,"early_swadian_top_floor","0", []),
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