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Nice underground arena!
Not exactly underground :wink:


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Scenes for upcoming new version A World of Ice and Fire mod. Build by using walls, stairs, archways, churches and and dozens of others scene props.







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Hi everyone, and it's been a while since I posted here! At some point I became inactive due to Warband's obvious hiatus, it was barely motivating to go on modding an old engine with Bannerlord release looming over us... We all know it took some years, but now both early access Bannerlord and Modding Tools are finally released! These are tremendous news, and now I'm also back to scenning.

I doubt I will be visiting this thread anymore, as things go on. Back then I didn't expect this section to get that popular, I made a lot of friends here and we all had a lot of fun. I want you all know that now I will move to a Patreon page, and, as it happens, I can use all your support there because it's a great opportunity to dedicate more time and effort to scening in Bannerlord:

New modding tools became much more advanced and hard to master, and I have already had the honor to be included to the beta test group for the scene editor. My Patreon page will receive proper care from me and feature a lot of content, and I will be happy to share my works and scening experience with my patrons. It would be great if we can build another friendly community there, hang out and share knowledge.

Thanks everyone for great time and see you all around!
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