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Some map I have made for a Native tournament. So it is Native only, without any texture packs or new scene props.
Maps with these props are very rare, so I decided to make one. One or two of the buildings are beeing a bit buggy, but the rest is looking really good and is also good for some nice combinations. The texture does not fit to the arabic_xy buildings tho, but it is possible to make a city with them, and an arabian village outside.
Also: What is the best mod right now, if I just want to make good looking maps? I had my own once, but deleted it and also all maps I had stored there.


The Blood&Iron mod is pretty awesome for scening (ask Parrot for the newest version)
Got lots of props and nice shades and all. Might upload some screenshots of it later.


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Haven't done one in awhile



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the way I roll, youz all know  :fruity: It's just an assembly of small french_wall parts with a Cp_buttress could have gone for something more functional and large but i guess it's ok the way it is


I've just started to build a little Constantinople (which seems in a mess).

And this one was done by Power Of Design for The Dracaena Marginata which is canceled and shared as osp. Anyway, I'm gonna use it in another mod.



I'm currently looking for sceners for my project. The mod has no page on Taleworlds or ModDB yet as it's more of a hidden secret project and spiritual successor to the original Full Invasion. I can assure you that the mod will be very unique already has come a long long way.

Interested and serious sceners, please contact me by PM.
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