Noobs Cav Race 2.0

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[glow=black,2,300][size=26pt]Noobs Cavalry Race 2[/size][/glow]

1. No blocking choke points(on purpose), you will be disqualified
2. You may cut someone off to slow them down. But you may not block someone forcing them to stop.
3. You may not use shortcuts on the map.
4. If your horse dies then you are disqualified from the round. You will go to spec to wait for the next round.
5. You cannot attack other horses
6. There will be 7 rounds.
7. You must use a admin horse in the race
8. You must be in the discord and in vc to join the race (once it starts you can deafen)

Depending on how many people sign up I’ll split people up into brackets we will use a point system

1st place 5 points
2nd place 4 points
3rd place 3 point
4th place 2 points
5th place 2 points
6th Place+ 1 point

There will be 7 races per division.

The race will begin once everyone is lined up at the gate and the gate is opened. Once the race starts you must follow the arrows. On passing the finish line you will get on the ship in order of placement

Ingame Name:
Steam Username:
You understand the rules:

$75 Dollar Prize Pool (paypal or steam)
25 for 1st
20 for 2nd
15 for 3rd
10 for 4th
5 for 5th
The Tournament will take place on the 24th of January @ 3:05 pm EST
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Hughie: 25
KillerShark: 23
Jeremus_Monk 22
RMScubaDiver: 16
Barnow: 9
Nartu: 9
RagingMozart: 9
Beans : 8
Spartounious: 7
Jazz: 6
Charmy: 5
Dodon: 5
Ronin: 5
ArrowSword: 4
Fredrick: 4
Lazai: 3
Finals Scores
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