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Noob asks: will this companion strategy work?

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short version: if I keep morale high and act in the way they like, can I keep a companion in my party from leaving indefinitely if I have 1 companion they don't like and 0 they do like?

i.e. can I keep Deshavi in my party forever if I have Borcha in there but not Klethi? Can I have Matheld, Jeremus and Ymira if Matheld gets emotional support from Nizar?

long version: is this companion strategy going to pan out well for me?

pick up Jeremus, Ymira, Nizar, Matheld, Marnid, Katrin, Deshavi
make Katrin minister
make Matheld lord
hire Firentis, Rolf, Baheshtur
make Firentis, Rolf, Baheshtur lords
hire Lezalit, Alayen
make Lezalit, Alayen lords
hire Bunduk, Borcha

Alayen, Firentis, Baheshtur, Rolf, Lezalit, Matheld are lords
Nizar, Marnid, Borcha, Deshavi, Bunduk, Ymira, Jeremus are companions

I know I could run into an issue with having to rush lords through my party and therefore have them be somewhat underlevelled, but otherwise? Am I going to shed companions over time?


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No they will always leave if they do not have someone they like.

A better idea would be to send out one of the arguers to tell the world about you for right to rule. Forgot what the option is called but this way you will be short of one companion rather than only havig half of the companions in your roster.
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