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hand-to-hand combat seems "slow" and "heavy" in some cases, but not because you have the feeling that there is inertia to slow you down but because there are ideological choices relating to the mechanics that are adopted?
For example the various delays in attacks and blockages or the inability to quickly distance yourself from an opponent?
Would you like to be able to avoid (or at least try) a horse that runs towards you but your character inexplicably cannot sprint or otherwise starts very slow?

This thread will not answer everything but only wants to propose a mechanic to TEST.
And only after having tested it decide whether to implement it in the game or in the mods.

the principle behind what I'm going to suggest is this:
used carefully and sparingly it saves your life.
spammed leads you to predictability, slowness and defeat.

-It consists of a rapid movement at speed V in the desired direction for a given distance D.
-The more you use the step-dodge and the more the V speed decreases.
-The more you use the step-dodge and the more the distance D decreases.
-During the dodge the attacks become more UNBALANCED ,and this increase in the unbalanced component depends on the weight of the weapon used and the weight worn during the dodge.

These first two conditions prevent spam of the same mechanic from being convenient.
There are no flips and no invincibility frames.
it's kind of a quick step.
the third condition balances the possible increase in damage due to speed, therefore reducing it by increasing the unbalanced component of the attack animation compared to the balanced one,this brings a further balance between those who wear heavy armor and those who do not wear them but have a two-handed weapon that does a lot of damage.
Also for modders it becomes easier to balance any mods where you want to enter the combat with 2 weapons or for those who fight light and armed with only a knife or FISTS.

-It is possible to raise your guard and change the direction of the block during the step-dodge but you are slower in doing it (like the delay that is currently there).
-Suggest me that if it is possible to attack (perhaps with lower speed given the inertial acceleration) during the step-dodge.


suppose we take an interval of 30 seconds.
We take the same unit of soldiers and place it in 2 different cases:
A) continue to walk backwards or forwards for 30 seconds.
B) spam the step-dodge backwards or forwards for 30 seconds.

For the first 2-3 step-dodge who is in case B travels a greater distance (the first 2-3 seconds), but after the spam of the step-dodge the mechanics means that the speed V and the distance D of the step -dodge are so short that in the span of 30 seconds those who are part of case A have traveled much more distance than those in case B.

So the mechanics cannot be spammed to travel a greater distance.

the step dodge can be used to create a fairly sudden distance between you and your opponent.
It can be used to dodge and prepare for an attack or to move faster to the enemy's flanks.
If spammed in too short a time, it becomes not only useless, but also harmful since it makes the block slower during the dodge and the speed of movement and the distance traveled cannot get you out of the range of action of the enemy weapon .

-Possible additional mechanics:
1)If you have the guard raised and step-dodge in the direction of the enemy (a small frontal directional cone) and impact with the enemy, this impact acts as a shield bash but with a greater range, since you have moved .
Possible use of the sprint (this is optional, do not consider it part of the thread, but only as a "possibility").
Using the "2 MODES WITH 1 BUTTON mechanic<--link" (2M1B), we can use the shift key for both:
-tap shift: "not spamable direcitonal step dodge"
-Hold shift: sprint.

The sprint is not a sudden start (you could use the direcional step dodge for this), but increases the maximum achievable speed.
The duration of the sprint and if it must be subject to some limitations, I leave it to the judgment of the people and the developers.
Personally this maximum speed I would tie it to a sort of "tiredness" accumulated in doing actions and the weight carried.
But only the maximum speed of the sprint, everything else has nothing to do with tiredness or stamina.

And zoom will go somewhere else.

Have any of you ever played smash bros?
if yes, then you know how dodging works:
used carefully and sparingly it saves your life.
spammed leads you to predictability, slowness and defeat.

I understand someone's conservatism, who is afraid that the introduction of new mechanics could make bannerlord "too different from warband".
But bannerlord is already different from warband and must be, BUT BETTER.
He has to take what's good in warband and put in what warband needed.
But by not trying new mechanics, we would risk not understanding if we will need such mechanics or not.

This thread is a copy of the thread I wrote in the beta section of the forum.
Today I had a flash that I had to add to further balance the mechanics and I had to copy the thread in this section.
I leave you the link of the previous thread.
The modification carried out is found in "mechanical description" and consists in considering the mechanics of unbalance of the attacks animation (the proportion between balanced and unbalanced component).