Resolved Non-solid stairway in Marunath

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Version: e1.3.1.228624
Installed community-made modifications: N/A
Computer Specs
OS: Windows 10 Home x64 bit
Version 1909
Build 18363.778
GPU: Radeon R9 280x
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) x4 860K Quad Core 3.70 GHz
RAM: 32 GB
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): The game is installed on a HDD in my steam library, but my OS runs on a SSD.

As the title says, there is a stairway just to the left of the leftmost ladder / tower docking point (from attackers' perspective). It leads into that tower, but you can't get up it, you just clip into it. NPC troops also clip into it.
Hello, sorry for the late reply. We have fixed a considerable amount of the problems we have encountered so far and improved the game performance with the multiple patches we have released. Please make sure that your game, your drivers, and OS are up to date and the game has necessary permissions over your security software. Please let us know if the problem persists after completing these steps and verifying the integrity of the game files through Steam.
Hi, I will mark the issue as resolved. If you encounter the same one in the latest version, please let me know. Thanks!
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