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Please leave all feedback relating to the Khuzait Nomad in this thread.

Sir Pwn-A-Lot

Knight at Arms
Doesn't have a niche imo. Not worth getting over superior lancers or horse archers in Captain mode, not worth wasting gold on in Siege. Might as well save up and get a Lancer instead.


The cavalry mace perk is not worth picking over a better horse than the default, there's no reason to give up a longer weapon for a short one as a cavalryman. The long spear perk is also a no-no for me, since I'd rather have a bow and arrows or a shield to protect myself from arrows and couching cavalry.

I'd suggest an improved armor perk in the stead of the cavalry mace.


Knight at Arms
They can swap mace with the shield perk aswell. Tbh atm khuzait just feels like a worse version of aserai. Making them more light cav focused would make them more unique. Fighting against light cav is more fun aswell than fighting heavy cav.

Vick Tide

Now we are in 1.5. There are numerous threads about how Khuzait has become unbalanced in multiplayer.

Let the nomad have 80 speed so that it can act as a medium-tier infantry/archer hybrid class. Buff its armor. Remove tougher horse. Add a mace in its place.
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