Nobody know where the Warlord is

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I trying to bring Eleanor to her father, but not a single russian lord know here is, and he not at his keep. Is tha bug?
the bug is that the lords can't TELL YOU that one of their own has been taken prisoner. they would most certainly know.
Yeah he's a prisoner. which is a headache... though I'm guessing that this could be fixed as I remember that there was a rescue mission in the old Mount
and blade and I've seen prisons in with fire and sword, so twud be good to be informed of a regents where abouts in order to try and pull off a jail break
actually does any one know if there is a cheat/exploit to find captured characters? as the king of Sweden has been missing for the whole term of my
mercenary contract and a couple of months.. that's 5 months of no king (and back pay)
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