Nobles Taken Prisoner as a Mercenary have disappeared. Here's why:

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So this is the tale of Andros, a mercenary Loyal to the Empire. Specifically Rhagaea of the Southern Empire. He fights for a measley 15 denars per battle. That's not really why Andros got involved in her affairs. He really only wanted to ransom nobles to pay his army worth 700 denars a day. That's a high upkeep, and he has to keep em fed and give them the money to bare the long marches across Calradia. Well, Rhagaea found herself at war with battania. No problem for Andros, his heavy cavalry and expert bowmen should do the trick. After a few weeks of chasing down battanian armies and raiding villages, Andros had 49 prisoners, 4 of which were very wealthy Noblemen. On his way back to ransom his quarry, he received the most disheartening news. The war was over. How was he going to feed and keep his 79 Imperial Mercenaries happy? Ah, the prisoners, yes that is right. wait... The Nobles are gone? NOT GOOD! How will he ever pay his men now?

Sorry to be cringey with the weird external monologue. But i figured it's the most entertaining way to start my discussion off, as well as to rant. Now i Understand that if a war is over, and you're actually part of the faction as a noble of some sort, then you can't just ransom the people off at that point. But Andros is a mercenary! He doesn't care for the politics, he wants MONEY! I think Taleworlds should implement a system to apply to mercenary characters, maybe even nobles too, when the war is over, a popup appears to the player. "Most fortunate news:the war is over! You still have xyz characters as prisoners, do you keep them for ransom, or do you free them?) At this point the player could choose to keep them, and lose more relations with that characters clan and faction, or release them and gain some relation back and maybe even some Mercy experience. Thoughts? And if you agree, let's try to get the attention of the ol' devs.
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