Nobles being "freed because of a peace declaration" while still at war.

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There have been a few cases across several different 1.8 campaigns where I've seen a number of lords being "freed because of a peace declaration" when their kingdom doesn't actually make peace with anyone. I know that this can happen when minor clans change allegiances due to mercenary contracts, but are there any other scenarios, or is this a bug?

In the specific instance of my current campaign, I saw a list of Vlandian nobles being captured by the Sturgians (with Sturgian nobles like Siga and Olek, rather than minor clan members, being mentioned as taking the prisoners) on Autumn 4, but being released on Autumn 6, despite the two kingdoms remaining at war.


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Though I agree that it should not happen. I thought in 1.8.0. this was fixed.
On the other hand, it's probably not a huge issue since captured lords escape like in 2 days anyway.


My understanding is because a mercenary clan that was working for a kingdom in war, has now stopped working for that kingdom. Therefore, if they hold any prisoners of the opposite kingdom they are no longer at war with them and release the prisoners. Maybe I'm wrong and thats just my brain (such as it is) coming up with something it fels is logical, but I do recall a few times when that release of prisoners has happened a merc clan just stopped participating in the war.


The mechanics/programming around mercenary clans leaving/joining a faction is totally mysterious. I would like to see some logic applied here when they decide to leave a faction, e.g. they will not fight their own culture, etc. At present it just seems they will (always) join the opposition, and for no logical reason AT ALL leave a kingdom partway through a war. Really frustrating especially when you launch your own kingdom.


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I think these problems are only on 1.8 stable, but maybe partially in 1.8 beta too. In older versions, clan stuff all lord prisoners in the first prison they can, including neutral and they stay there. Famously you would get a big income if you had board fiefs with 2 warring factions stuffing prisoners in your prison. In 1.8 beta there was an issue with lord holding prisoners a very long time and also prisoners seeming to get lost or glitched in prisons. Now in 1.8 stable they seem have the problems described above. I don't know why TW had to tinker with this at all.


Yes, I noticed the glitched prisoners which would not show up in the prisoner transfer screen. You could still "physically" go down to the dungeon and set them free (no other option) if you owned the fief the dungeon was in. At least they did not "get lost"
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