Nobles being "freed because of a peace declaration" while still at war.

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There have been a few cases across several different 1.8 campaigns where I've seen a number of lords being "freed because of a peace declaration" when their kingdom doesn't actually make peace with anyone. I know that this can happen when minor clans change allegiances due to mercenary contracts, but are there any other scenarios, or is this a bug?

In the specific instance of my current campaign, I saw a list of Vlandian nobles being captured by the Sturgians (with Sturgian nobles like Siga and Olek, rather than minor clan members, being mentioned as taking the prisoners) on Autumn 4, but being released on Autumn 6, despite the two kingdoms remaining at war.


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Though I agree that it should not happen. I thought in 1.8.0. this was fixed.
On the other hand, it's probably not a huge issue since captured lords escape like in 2 days anyway.
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