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this has been mentioned a lot or for the 1,000th time please put noble troop availability back to where it was. They are like candy and what makes them so noble. Even if you wanted a bit more change the power level of the notable slightly higher, but the way they are now is insane, its way too easy to get them and have no idea why this was done, this is a terrible mistake to make, example hey lets fight a Khzuait 1,500 man army that contains 800 cav/archers, even the empire is now cav heavy at times. I am not sure who is responsible so I apologize if @Duh_TaleWorlds your not the one but not sure who would know. This is why I talked about sliders for almost a year now giving us options to customize the game, this change has been an awful mistake, please discuss with the team about it, lets make noble troops special, right now just generic candy that anyone can get.


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they always have them, just not as much and as I said they can reduce the power needed so they are a bit easier to get not just able to get hundreds so fast, no compromise? You only like things in one extreme to the other?

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Personally I disagree and think it is fine the way it is.

It is like this because people wanted castles to actually matter and we wanted to actually see noble troops in the game. I go into the current AI party noble percent's below and do not want to see it any lower than it currently is.
I disagree with this point and its truly a simplification. Making it longer for the player to gather the party they want doesn't increase difficulty since we aren't ever forced into fights. We shouldn't be attempting to shape players parties, they will gather the party they want despite how long the process. If players think there are too many noble troops to recruit then they have the option to not recruit them, I leave behind noble troops once I hit my desired amount in the party.

The only thing we should be worried about is how AI parties are impacted. With the current amount of noble recruits I have yet to see an issue of an overabundance of Noble troops. Here are several more examples. We see parties ranging from none to around 25% of their party. I do not want to see this percentage reduced. If you can show me a faction's parties with 40%+ average noble troops then i'll agree it may needed to be toned down for that faction.


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