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Noble recruitment tied to castle owner, not to villages

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I know the change to recruit them at castle villages was implemented in response to complaints about the uselessness of castles and nobles recruits where rarer at the time.

I don't like the current system as you don't have to own the castle to be able to recruit noble units (still no need to own a castlle). Besides I think there are to many noble units at the moment.

I think a better system would be to have a small pool of noble units in the garrison that replenish slowly over time.
This way only the owner or allied nobles (option to turn this off) can take noble units into their party.
This also gives you a goal to strife for. => you would want a castle to be able to get noble units.

It is kind of strange that noble recruits would just follow anybody. you would assume some loyalty to their liege.
this also simulates the practice of sending sons of notables and other high ranking people to the lord to get an education and martial training.

without any upgrades this pool of noble recruits is very small. A good building project would be a training ground to increase this pool. The rate of replenishment could be tied to prosperity or a different project.


I fully support this, +1!

Castles has a reserved garrison-spawn percentage for nobles. Could start at say 10%(assuming this qualifies as "very small").. There is a project in castles that improves this ratio with 10%/tier. This gives 40% at max level. (The ratio looks at current garrison-size, not at maximum)

When garrisons "refill"/spawn new units, they look at this "pool" ratio. If the number of nobles of local culture is below this percentage, a noble troop is spawned in garrison. If not, a regular troop is spawned.


To be honest, I think the current proliferation of nobles has more to do with the fact that, in each village, 2 out of 3 notables give you access to noble recruits. Either give noble recruits only to the headman, or tie the proportion of noble recruits to village prosperity and notable influence: as in, villages with higher prosperity guarantee x recruitment slots occupied by nobles, while additional slots are given at certain influence threshold.
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