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A bug post was put up about an enemy noble appearing in the lord's hall of a newly acquired fief after a successful siege. The Lord/Lady would appear in the lord's hall and not have the prisoner chains icon added to their preview portrait. This is a thought of mine that spawned from that post:
  • Allow the mistaken Lord/Lady to leave peacefully (Raises reputation with their clan)
  • Laugh at them while your guards drag them into the dungeons. (Lowers relation with their clan)
  • Duel them for their freedom (Low relation decrease due to giving them a chance. They become a prisoner.)
  • Execute them. (Greatly lowers relation with their clan and faction)
  • Wine and dine them, espousing the values of your clan, before offering them a place in it through marriage. (If successful: Lowers relation with their clan and any clan who may have been courting them. If failed: Other three options come up again)
The bug thread which spawned this madness can be found: HERE.
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