Nobility Titles & Politics

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Hi all,
So I moved my post, from the general area to here, sorry I didnt saw that there was a suggestions subforum, that said change somethings and explained others better.

I feel that right now the way nobles behave is rather lose, they band together and conquer things to righ a way, while in warband they did take their time to conquer things or to even asembly, right now raise an army function feels quite powerfull, and I belive low tiered nobles should be able to asembly such armies.

Nobility Rankings
With this I mean, nobles to have titles based on renown and holdings they posses, once archived a rank they cant lose (even if they lose their fiefdoms), the only way is that their liege lord revokes the title, also the King decides if he grants such rank or not.

  • Knight: No holding required, x renown and time within faction
  • Baron: Village required, x renown and time within faction
  • Count: Castle, ""
  • Duke: City, ""
Note: Each faction title would need localization, earl, jarl, etc.

The funtion of this ranking is, that a Duke has several counts as his underlings, Counts have a few Barons and Barons have several Knights, that can be or not of their clans. So when They can wage war within the faction, Duke vs Duke, or Duke vs Count, per example. Also in this way other Nobles can oversee over others of lesser ranking, and not just the King doing everything by himself.

At the same time a Kingdom is divided more eviciently as it were in Middle Ages, so a Duke govern over a province, could have a system where each lord decides its taxation. Ultimatly the strife of ambisious nobles is to increase their power, so a King has to keep an eye on them if he wishes to a void a civil war.

General idea is to be able to either centrilize or desentralize power within a kingdom, in other words an Absolut Monarchy or a "Democratic" one, and to have titles or charges that are fixed to a period of time and are not hereditary, like governors, generals, senators, and so on. And if allowed for nobles to decide whom to make King, with a council or senate. Or even go as far as instead of King or Emperor a Consul for a period of time that serves instead of Marshall.

I again say that its an early access and know that several functions are not implemented yet, this thread is just to help with ideas for the game, constructive critics, comments and so are accepted.

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Good lord this is exactly wat I always wanted to do but have no idea how to do: I am new to all these ms coding... but do tell me if you achieve it... Or do inform me if I can offer any help (which I probably cannot)
So sorry I thought this was about Warband... anyway does anyone know if there are such function in Warband?


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Yeah would love to see this idea :smile: Would also make it interesting that some powerful Dukes could end up with more power and vassals than the king himself.


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I love the idea of nobility titles and the power dynamics that would extend from that. It would add a lot more depth to the game and be a lot more realistic.

Implementing different government types would also be interesting but I think first they need to flesh out the current political system they have. The current level of "politics" they have with the "voting" system is extremely basic and has no depth to it at all. Some of the text in the game leaves me to believe this will eventually be changed though.

Jarl Malcolm

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Big +1, but I would be happy as long as they add the titles in front of the names like in Warband. (King Raganvad, not only Raganvad, Boyar Lek, etc.)
Since we know that a faction can have another leader, I would like to know at a glance if I pass by the new monarch on the map that this is the leader now.


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I think this would make a very interesting mod if paired with power struggle quests so when you play as a duke you have spend time trying to undercover plots of you subordinates against you.

In a certain way, a player’s clan (at least one that has fiefs) is almost like a duchy. You have a ruling family at the center with your companions around you almost like barons or counts. But it would be cool if when play as a vassal myself, I could give my companions a subordinating title and assign them one of my villages or castles (but not in a role as a governor Who has to remain there the whole time).


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I came up with the culture-specific rank title system: take a look and feel free to leave suggestions
Empire: Domestikos - Strategos - Doux - Emperor
Vlandia: Baron - Count - Duke - King
Battania: Chieftain - Grand Chief - Warlord - High King
Sturgia: Chieftain - Count - Boyar - Grand Prince
Aserai: Wali - Sheikh - Emir - Sultan
Khuzait: Chieftain - Beg - Noyan - Khan