NO Viking Conquest command AI !!!

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Morning Star

Give us back the Warband AI Give us back the 2016 London AI
can't imagine it's been 2 years now TW is still going on viking conquest battlefield commanding ai and no improvement
everybody knows Bannerlord battlefield command AI it's just a piece of ****
The cavalry was always aimless in the hands of the AI and never organized an effective charge
Even if the AI organizes a charge, it will quickly retreat, leaving the player's archer on its back to shoot
Of course I'm not talking about a single AI for soldiers
Bannerlord A single AI is very powerful and the logic is very intelligent
Why is the player's cavalry unit stronger than the AI?
Because the player commands the cavalry to charge directly
After a direct charge, a single AI takes control
Yesterday I played version 1.7 and found that the command AI is still the same as 2 years ago
Please TW give us back the version of the 2016 London demo
I started the game in April 2020 and found it was different from the 2016 London demo I thought TW would fix it
2020 AI thread
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Sergeant Knight
what does viking conquest has to do with the AI flaws of bannerlord?

VC AI was just warband + the classic formations mod and it was very competent for infantry-based shieldwall battles that were the main strength of the dlc.
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