No More Trees 1.2, 1.2a & Burnt Trees Addon 1.0 for 1.003 & 0.808

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Hello, I'm new to M&B and I have the same problem too.  :sad:
I've just bought an ATI Radeon HD5770 and had a battle which took place in a forest, battle of 100 fighters no more. The frame rate dropped to 8 fps.
Conclusion: the battle was just unplayable.
I must add that the frame rate I usually have is between 40 and 100, depending of the number of fighters and if it’s a siege or not.
I tried everything in the video options and I only managed to gain a few fps, even if everything was set to minimum settings.
The dev really have to fix something there in a next release (if a next release it will be).
I'm using geforce 8600gt 512mb Amd64x dual core 2.2 and 2 gb ram. And i must use this becuse i have heavy lags in forests. Is this normal?
Has anyone figured out a quick fix to remove trees from the battlefields entirely (or better, replace them with simpler models)? I know it wouldn't look as cool, but the darn things are frame rate killers, and the AI's pathfinding typically fails to recognize them if they appear in bulk.
I don't mind forests on the main map, just the lag I get when I get attacked in them.
(If you don't like the forests on the main map, you can delete them using the map editor. Just be sure to back up your map files.)
I like trees on main map because without them map would be empty. I hate forests because of the lags while fighting in them and i have to lure enemy from it and because you are moving slow in them :smile:
-Incompatible with any mods that replace the native materials.brf.

what do you mean by this? for example will it work on native expansion?
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