SP No loot window for Three Seers Patrol - possible bug?

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I'm trying to get myself a Darkwood Bow, so I'm searching for Three Seers patrols. After defeating five of them, not a single time loot window appeared.

First time I was alone but tricked them into a lord and jumped in - I thought okey, my autocalc value is too low to share the loot.
Next few times I did the same but with a party of companions plus few random troops. Again no loot window after the battle.

Finally, I attacked them on my own, with 80 strong party. And still, no loot window after battle.

Am I really that unlucky plus doing something wrong? Is this a known bug I somehow triggered?

Note that I conquered Pendor dozen times in the past, so know the basics plus some more.

EDIT: this doesn't happen with any other spawn.


Continued today (so restarted the game), and first battle against 3s patrol finally got me the loot window. This time it was 45 party against 33 patrol.

Maybe they give so little loot (sheer number of items dropped) that nothing was left in previous tries? No idea, but it works now..
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