No Helmets for Imperial Trained Infantrymen? (and other things) (1.7.2)

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So as of the latest patch the Imperial Trained Infantryman no longer has a metal helmet, just a cloth coif. I know that the Imperial troops started out massively over-armoured compared to other factions but things seem to have swung too far the other way. The Imperial trained Infantryman is the only tier-three infantry troop without a metal helmet and now has head armour of only 14 compared to around 30 for most of similar troops from other factions, on top of not having a spear to defend against cavalry with.

As I say, I understand that things get adjusted for balance etc. but it seems like the pendulum has swung too far. A while back the Imperial Cataphracts lost their lamella gauntlets for lordly padded mittens, not even mail mittens, despite having no cape to give added protection and before that, the Palatine Guards lost their unique helms. Then you have items that have never been used in-game like the cataphract lance.

Also, as of the latest patch both of the golden Imperial helmets seem to no longer be for sale. The plumed one disappeared in 1.7.1 but both are gone now.

I think the Empire culture troops need a bit of a reassessment in the general direction of giving some of them slightly heavier armour, and also bringing back more of their unique look. As it stands the Palatine Guards look very similar to the crossbowmen and the Equites have almost the same outfit as the Veteran Archers. For example, the Palatine Guard could get their helmets back and swap their current body armour for the Decorated Legionary Mail plus the new caped harness. Equites could get the tall helmet instead of the kettle hat, which would be a more appropriate choice for cavalry. They could also have an option to use the leather shoulders that match their body armour instead of just the current neck guard.

There are also some weird weight values assigned to the new body armours, they seem far to heavy for both what they are and the assigned armour values.
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