No bodyguards in 1.0?

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Anyone else miss the the bodyguard feature? For me they always make exploring scenes more enjoyable, and immersive, as an influential lord/king/merchant/captain should never be traveling alone. They're also useful during night ambushes too, and it's always fun watching them cut down belligerent drunks in taverns.


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They were removed a few versions ago. Currently there are no plans to add them back in.
Please could you consider adding them again?
I don't know why you removed them, but they add one more layer to immersion and RP, for those purposes maybe you could set a very high renown level to get them, it feels odd to be a super powerful lord/lady and don't have your guards with also feels a bit lonely, you can command an army, but when you wanna go to the bar, you are alone:wink:

EDIT: wasn't there a toggle?
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I play on 1.13 and can purchase bodyguards from one of the personal assistants. Too bad they spawn in battle and get killed easily though, even when placing them at the bottom of the pack.


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I Dont mind getting my ass kicked without bodyguards luckly you only lose small cash no items xp nada. Some female assassins attack me like with 200 speed hehehe with my 93 mace.
I'm a bit late to this thread, but I just wanna say as a KING, I wouldn't be walking around anywhere alone, I mean FFS I have like 20 heroic companions, the whole ambushed by female assassins in my OWN CITY is really --------- annoying! I don't know how anything could be less RP and less immersive and more annoying than the loss of bodyguards.
The companion bodyguard plug-in can be pretty annoying as their pathfinding is bad and they get in the way- having to manuver your way through four companions when trying to talk to the guild master like ordering drinks in a crowded pub is not immersive and not fun at all. On the other hand, spawning in Assassins and Manhunters as night bandits is just sadistic on the part of the devs :razz:

I am currently play the Age of Arthur mod (light fantasy, Dark Ages, CK-inspired mod in the VC engine, its amazing) and it only spawns in companion bodyguards during the night bandit ambushes, which is the most balanced way of doing it imo- they don't get in your way, the assassins in taverns are still a threat, but you likely won't randomly get taken out by some twat trying to mug you for your spare change (the mod also has permadeath lol)
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