Next tournament nation-based?

8v8 or 6v6? (Clan Tournament)

  • 8v8

    Votes: 71 68.3%
  • 6v6

    Votes: 33 31.7%

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Gibby Jr

I'd be down for a 6v6 multiple team per nation tournament, particularly as I think many nations would struggle to field teams for an 8v8 one.


Sergeant Knight
6v6 is nies but trash for nations cup tbh. Most nations that can fill 2 teams, won’t fill 2 teams


Sergeant Knight
Nation based tourney would very likely get less attention which I don't think is what we want considering the current state of the game


Section Moderator
Yeah 8v8 would be cool, although maybe another clan tournament next and then a nations cup to close off the year like always.


Grandmaster Knight
8v8 NC or normal tournament would both be fine, but definetly not 6v6 and huge no to 6v6 NC.

Gibby Jr

6v6 is much better than 8v8 but for whatever reason most people seem to prefer 8v8. i guess it’s just what they’re used to. a nation tournament that allows 2 nations to play together could be interesting, like pepper suggested, but looks like most ppl would rather just do clan stuff.
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