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Next patch notes will be something like

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Minor improvements:

  • Trees now look better
  • Clouds now look better
  • Fian Champions now have 219 bow skill instead of 220 (they were too strong, so we adjusted them a little bit, just kidding, units stats doesn´t even matter)
  • We turned down the music by 1%
  • We looked at the perks, they still look good for us
  • Added some pigeons on map X
  • We overhauled the butter icon
  • Added a new desktop icon
  • You can now upgrade all troops with one click (we just used the mod on Nexus)
  • Improved the shadow of the banner in the loading screen
  • Fixed a crash when it´s full moon, only occurs on Tuesday
  • We noticed you liked the option to use custom banners, so we removed it
  • Tannery shops now give 221 gold instead of 220 gold
  • Lost daughters are now more likely to have red hair
  • We have added some random pixels
  • The two handed perk now really gives you +3 HP (still testing)
  • Reduced the price for javelins from 1 million denars to 989693 denars
  • You can now also find lost sons and not only lost daughters, to keep it balanced the reward now is 293,232892 denars
  • Added albino horses
  • Added several new crash messages
  • In a siege, the defenders of the gate will dance now instead of doing nothing
  • Improved the shadow of a flying arrow
Major improvements:

  • Units now really use their shield (still don´t work)
  • All 3 ladders of a siege tower will be used (still don´t work)
  • Game should not crash when you start a new game without any mods (still testing)
  • Changed the pictures for the culture perks (they still don´t work, but they look nice now)
  • Added a trainer skill, now after 50 ingame days, one recruit will level up (still testing)
  • You can now tell your companion parties to not **** up (still testing)
  • Changed the story of some of the random companions, they now say "This is a good background story" (thanks to our writers working 24/7)
  • A healer companion with 2 INT was too strong, they now have -10 INT by default
  • You can now give a thief to a vassal when you already own it, only works if you have short blonde hair
  • Looters will now crash castle walls with their throwing stones
  • We changed the running speed of character according to weight (+1 weight = -100000 speed)
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imagine posting over and over that perks don't work after they stated multiple times the whole system is being reworked


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imagine posting over and over that perks don't work after they stated multiple times the whole system is being reworked

But did they fix or improve the trees? I don´t even see them talking about trees, all I see is useless stuff! That´s my main concern! They should really focus on the trees!


Sorry, you´re right, added it to the patch notes.


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What a useless thread lol, atleast you found a way to spend your last days of lockdown.


I'm pretty much upset that no content has been added yet, but from my former early access experiences i know that its pretty much normal to not recieve anything major for the first 2 to 3 months. would feel nice to get something though. or at least know whats in the pipelines. perk rework is nice and i appreciate it a lot, the one handed perks didnt overwhelm me though. its getting there but not much wow :smile:


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You play the meme game, that´s good.

Get the community patch from github (don´t know if it still works with beta 1.4, I stopped playing this mess). Modders are more compentent than TW devs, without earning any money.
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