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Brytenwalda team presents:


Something that many players have been missing in Warband was a stamina bar, where the character would get tired.

I was working hard in this. In the next version you will have it in Brytenwalda multiplayer (and optional for player and AI in sp)


  • -The player will get a value in fatigue based on their heatlh points and modified for agility skill.
  • -New stamina bar between health bar and horse bar.
  • -Now the player gets tired if he runs, dodges, jumps ...
  • -The fatigue is a graduate of the weight carried by the player above (for example, a Saxon warrior equipped with chain mail, shield, sword and helmet will tire faster than a nude Pictish raider)
  • -Each hit or block tires according to the weight of the weapon.
  • -The player will hear himself breathing when he's very tired, and will suffer exhaustion as his stamina bar reaches 0, being easy victim to his rivals.
  • -Saving stamina, decide when to hit or defend, when to charge or waiting for the enemy to save energy ... will be significant.
  • -The light troops take on new importance as a support to the heavy infantry, or even as a force of harassment.
  • -In our tests we found that the strategic possibilities multiply.



I hope it will be very well balanced, coz if not it will be your time wasted on feature which will be turned off by almost all players.  :neutral:


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Sobakozoid said:
I hope it will be very well balanced
Join us tomorrow and make sure it's well balanced  :razz:,216346.0.html
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