NEWs 1.391: DUN TARUO SIEGE, Innauguratio Multiplayer event

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In the north, hidden by the snow, there is a rich and impregnable town. There are hidden treasures of the Picts and raised the royalty that rules them.

Towering above the cliffs battered by the waves of the North Sea is Dun Taruo.


BRYTENWALDA Team present...


Reference Guide

Event Day
: Wednesday, 22 of February
Hour: 19:00 (+1 GTM)
Duration of the event: 90 minutes.

-Defenders: Picts.
-Attackers: Irish (godelic of Dal Riata)

Type of event: historical event. Framed in the wars that Dal Riata and to the Picts fight in the seventh century.


Taking advantage of the main army of the Picts, led by their king Gartnait map Gwid, is in the south, making a raid on the King of Goutodin. The warlord Derile mac Donuel, of Dal Riata, has brought together the warriors of his house and moves on Dun Taruo, ready to attack it by surprise and seize their wealth, women and cattle before they return the pictish main army.

But it will not be as easy because the young Tarloc map Gwid has been warned by a spy in Dal Riata, and he is gathering a few possible defenses to repel the Irish, while a horseman riding fastly to south to alert the king.


The game is won by Dal Riata if they conquest Dun Taruo more times than pictish can defend town before time expire.

-If Dal Riata wins, the Picts will lose points wealth for future meetings.

-If the Picts win, they may decide to launch a conquest campaing on Dal Riata.


Dun Taruo

Today known as Burghead, a small fishing village. But back then it was the largest known Pictish fort.
Placed on a peninsula stretching into the North Sea. It's believed to have been the 'capital' of the Picts.
The earliest ramparts at Burghead were probably built around 400AD, and were wooden palisades.
Later large, thick stone walls were erected.

Defenses (plane your defense or attack)



Dal Riata:

They can choose freely any kind of unity among the available.
they are three times more numerous than their enemies.


-They can choose freely any kind of unity among the available.


-We open chat for organization to 18:30:

It dont need register. You add your nick, and in channel writte: #brytenwalda

-Wednesday 22: We open server to 18:45.
We will begin official event to 19:00-19:10 until 20:30 (+1 GTM)

-Signing up is not necessary but we like know how much people want play this event for organization


" the morning when the daylight
shone, the mead hall was stained
in gore, the hall wet with
the blood of battle. And I had
a few less loyal men.
Sit now and feast,
glory of warriors,
and speak your thoughts
as your heart tells you."

Are you ready for battle?



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Freakwave said:
Ill try and make it to the MP! :smile:

*before i forget is this compatible with the latest WSE loader?

It work well in multi (in sp there are some problems with strings and tavern locked), but We will play normal this day.


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You try novaregula (first link)

It has patch added yet.


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Thank all you by join to this Open Beta Event.
We had take note of suggestions and issues for fix with a fast patch.


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The Irish of Dal Riata pushed hard and stood strong. In the end the naked Picts succumbed to the cold snow  :lol:


How many joined was it a big battle? I am sorry I couldn't make it but at least I had the pleasure of playing with a handful of you for a while beforehand.
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