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Knight at Arms
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You guys have done a great job, thanks! :mrgreen:

I have a grandson who loves this period of history. And as we live in easy driving distance of Fort Niagara, he can really get into it!

About the only thing he would like to see is a more accurate rendering of Fort Niagara. :wink:
(And I'll bet anyone who lives within reasonable distance of any other fort from that period would / is asking for the same! :facepalm:)

Still, he thinks the loading animations and smoke are fantastic.
You have one old fan, and one very young fan of this mod. Thanks for all the hard work! :mrgreen:

Flavius Silvanus

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I love the 1860 mod, and would love to give this one a try.  I grew up near Fort Ticonderoga?

Where do I get the most current version of the mod?