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I find disagree with the release of the new ranked (Captain/Skirmish) system; especially under the way it recently released. For NA players we were not allowed to play our first 10 games under our native Servers, NA, therefore the rank we were now given does not represent our true Rank.
Aside from this; Matchmaking during the release of the update was abhorrent, teams and clans could not find matches ( no matter if you waited an hour/ or if you did a team of 2,3,4,5 or 6/especially 6-fullstack.).
The Qualification for Ranking under Captain/Skirmish should be reset -- preferably reset after servers are fixed and back up in action. Players should be able to group up with their clans & friends and then be able to play the qualifying 10 rounds. If not what is the point of having clans? What is the point of caring about participating in the new rank system if these issues are present at all.

The updates prove to be great, the concept of the Ranking System -- along with all the updates is fantastic-- From re balancing to new maps & Ranking system I agree most would say it was a success. And most would agree at a 9.5/10 grade on the last update.

At this point I think people are willing to bare with the Devs and hope for fix. I wish I could post A poll here and gain data on who would vote for the ranking system to be reset so all players could replay their 10 qualifying matches properly, on their homes servers & w/ their clans & friends. Im positive it would be all votes for yes.

For any Devs reading I hope you will consider this.

I am a fan of the new cosmetics for the different Races/classes/Battania/Legion/Etc. I think cosmetics should continue to come out more frequently.
I also would like to see all the units/army troops randomized with different cosmetics. I think its lame that we put in all these hours to buy out players character cosmetic items like capes, shoulders, pouldrens (which take 100s of hours to buy using gold). Yet our units still look like stock/npc/bums. Our units should also be dressed in the gear that we have purchased, whether its completely randomized or set in such a way it appears random or a copy of the items your character/acc has purchased.

I hope these feedbacks will be considered. Many say the game is dead, and who cares and blah blah blah, so be it. But for the players that still play & play as their main game, it should at least still be enjoyable for us; and as devs the effort should be put at maintaining and upholding the requests of those who still play alot.

Please reset the Ranking system, I hope to see NA & EQ Captain servers back up and running, I hope we can play with clans & freinds to place in the ranking system and qualyfying games together. I would like to units randomized with cosmetics or displaying the items you have purchased for your char/acc.

Have wonderful Turkey Holiday & thank you Devs

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